NBA legend Steve Francis has kept quiet for a long time, and has recently started resurfacing in the Houston area. Notable sources have released press about a new initiative called The Steve Francis Foundation. The foundation's goal is to provide resources to low income communities, families, and children in need of assistance. Steve Francis will begin this enterprise by conducting a Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway in Houston on the 23rd and 24th of November, 2020.

Francis stated that God blessed him with unbelievable athletic talent, which allowed him to achieve colossal success in the professional basketball world. After taking care of his inner circle and his children, Steve has decided that the success that he worked so hard for should be put towards helping others now.

Our affiliates noted that Steve is an incredibly caring, and giving human being. We have been highly interested in pushing The Steve Francis Foundation and urge our readers and subscribers to support this cause.

From an NBA Superstar to a community role model - Steve once said “That’s what God put me here to do. To be a role model, especially for those kids who have it tough and maybe don’t have as many opportunities. I’m here to show them that there is always a way to get through it.”

Steve has made a major shift in his life and has transformed into a modest gentleman who is focused and his children, and the children and families of the communities he cares so dearly for. Francis is on a mission to provide as much to these communities as possible, and he won’t rest until he’s able to provide as many resources as possible.

Steve Francis is a Houston Hero. He was the face of the Houston Rockets for many years, and provided hope, excitement, and energy to the city. He never strayed away from a challenge, and worked relentlessly to always be the best person he could be. Steve is no different now. His plan is to implement his mindset from the NBA into his new mission and foundation. Steve is a lion at heart, and he plans to lead this mission with grace, respect, and humility.

We stand behind this project, and urge everyone to help support Steve on this journey. To learn more about Steve Francis and his journey, you can take a glance at the following pages:

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