Liquor Home Delivery Allowed in Mumbai Except in Containment Zones, Over-the-Counter Sale Not Allowed, E-Commerce Platforms Can Be Utilised by Shops to Deliver Liquor to Customers
Liquor | Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Mumbai, May 22: The home delivery of liquor has been permitted in Mumbai except in containment (red) zones with guidelines and precautions which are to be followed amid the coronavirus lockdown. Though the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has permitted home delivery in the city, the sale of liquor over-the-counter will not be allowed. According to a tweet by ANI, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai on Friday announced that excluding the containment zone, liquor shops selling liquor in sealed bottles can be permitted to operate. "This order shall be operational from midnight of 22.05.2002 at 00.00 hours," the notification said.

The state government allowed home delivery of liquor to avoid crowding at shops amid the coronavirus-enforced lockdown. The delivery of permitted liquor will be delivered to home address of customer if such an order is placed, subject to conditions. Maharashtra Permits Liquor Home Delivery to Those With E-Tokens in Select-Districts, Here's How to Apply at

The conditions include the following:

  1. Under no circumstances, over the counter sales of liqour can be permitted from such shops.
  2. E-commerce platforms may be utilized by the liqour shops permitted to do home delivery
  3. The Guidelines issued by State government and state Excise department shall be followed
  4. The Jurisdiction State Excise Officers and Ward Officers will ensure compliance of these orders in its totality.

Here's the Order:

In Maharashtra, the state excise department issued an order allowing the home delivery of liquor across the state from May 15. The state government set six conditions which include area of sale, delivery man to use masks while delivering liquor, maintain social distancing and few other things. "The home delivery of liquor will commence from Friday across the state, where the shops are already opened in the non-containment zones. One shop owner cannot appoint more than 10 delivery persons and one delivery person cannot carry more than 24 bottles of permitted liquor in one time," the order said.