Mumbai, September 22: In a shocking incident, a teenager stole family ornaments and sold them for enjoyment with friends in Andheri East. After learning of the theft, the teenager's father lodged a case against his son for alleged theft of gold ornaments valued at Rs. 7.40 lakhs. Sahar police booked the 16-year-old under section 380 (theft in dwelling house) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) Act.

The Free Press Journal reported that the complainant, Selvin Armadurai (48), is a businessman based out of Andheri East. Selvin lives with his wife, Jaba, and they have two children. Selvin's son, Edin Joy, is 16 years old and goes to the 11th grade at Shriniwas Bagraga College. His daughter is 14 years old and is in the class 9th. Selvin was married before, but his first wife passed away. Edin Joy and his daughter are from Selvin's first marriage. Afterwards, Selvin married Jaba. Gujarat Shocker: Man Kills 4-Year-Old Suspecting He Was Not His Biological Son in Jamnagar, Arrested.

Selvin had given the gold ornaments that belonged to his first wife and children to his sister, who lives next door to his house. When his sister was preparing to visit their hometown in Tamil Nadu, she gave these gold ornaments to Selvin. Selvin placed the gold ornaments inside a bed, inside a plastic pouch for protection. Both his wife and sister knew where Selvin had kept these gold ornaments, the report said. Pune Shocker: Barred From Wearing Sari for Ganeshotsav, 13-Year-Old Schoolgirl Dies by Suicide in Bathroom.

The matter came to light on September 11, when Selvin's daughter desired to wear the gold ornaments because of a family wedding. His wife and sister, who had just returned from their hometown, opened the bed to find the ornaments but couldn't find the pouch containing them. They quickly told Selvin about it. When Selvin asked his son, he confessed to taking the gold ornaments and selling them to have fun with friends. The stolen gold ornaments are valued at Rs. 7.40 lakhs in total, including two necklaces, two chains, two bangles, a pair of earrings, six rings, and two bracelets, the report said.

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