New Delhi, September 8: In a shocking case, a 65-year-old retired BSNL employee got a text message from his bank that over Rs 2 lakh had been withdrawn and he had only Rs 275 left as his account balance. According to an Indian Express report, he complained to the Timarpur police station. However, it was only after his case was transferred to the cyber cell, did he find that his 15-year-old grandson had allegedly transferred Rs 2.34 lakh from his account to splurge it on PUBG, the online game that was recently banned in India.

The cyber cell further found that the transfers were OTP-secured and OTP was sent to the complainant’s number, but no OTP was found on his phone. The boy managed to delete the OTP every single time he made a transaction. PUBG Banned in India: Gaming App Among 118 Chinese Mobile Apps Banned by Modi Government; Check Complete List.

The 15-year-old was apprehended and he revealed that he had been playing PUBG for a few months and wanted to make in-game purchases, for which he used his grandfather’s debit card. There have been several similar instances of young players getting addicted to the game and secretly transferring money to make in-app purchases.

Earlier this month, 118 applications, including PUBG Mobile, were banned by the Indian government. According to reports, the game has now been removed from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, in smartphones where PUBG Mobile is already installed, players can still play this game.

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