Tamil Nadu Surgeons Remove 52 Kg Plastic Waste From Cow’s Stomach After 5-Hour Operation; View Pics
52 Kg Plastic Removed from Cow's Stomach (Photo Credits: ANI)

Chennai, October 21: We have been told that how plastic is hazardous for nature and animals. One of the worst thing about the synthetic is that it does not get decomposed easily. In a recent case, veterinarians in Tamil Nadu had removed about 52 kgs of plastic from the stomach of a cow. It took surgeons over five hours to clear all the non-biodegradable substance. Lone Cape Buffalo in Delhi Zoo Dies After Eating Plastic, Post-Mortem Reports Show Discarded Packet in Its Stomach.

Dr Velavan of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Vepery, said, "Plastics occupied 75% of the rumen, one of the four chambers of the cow’s stomach. It was a long and complicated operation and it took around 5.5 hours to complete it. Two screws & one coin was also found among the plastic." Thailand’s Beloved Baby Dugong ‘Mariam’ Dies Due to Plastic Pollution! Three Other Heart-Breaking Times When Plastic Killed Sea Creatures.

ANI Tweet:

After the cow owner observed that the animal was having difficulty in passing stool and urine, he took it to the vet. The cow was examined by the vets. After several tests, they discovered that the animal's stomach was covered with plastic, The Hindu reported.

After x-rays and ultrasound scan, the veterinarians decided to operate on the animal. The surgery went on for 5.5 hours and 52 kgs of plastic was removed from the stomach. Meanwhile, the animal is currently recovering from the surgery.

This development simply reminds us of how plastic pose a threat to animals. It seems that plastic ban is surely the solution as it has already created havoc on nature and animal.