While many can debate what makes the United States America so great in comparison to countries around the globe, the answer for most can be described in one word — a dream, the American Dream. A shared American philosophy that any individual, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other factor, can come to the United States and succeed based on their own merits. Although society has changed since the founding of the country, the reality of the American dream continues. Hard work, dedication, and persistence are the hallmark characteristics of thousands of Americans nationwide and provide a basis for success for even more. While in most instances hard work, dedication, and persistence are great core traits for life, modern society is manipulating such characteristics to create an unhealthy society of overworked individuals. Now, a frontrunner in the edutainment industry (education and entertainment) is taking upon itself to correct such malpractice in the rising generations.

HustleHiveTv is an edutainment company centered around educating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Based out of San Luis Obispo, California, HustleHiveTv was founded by brothers Eriksen and Soren Dickens. Eriksen and Soren Dickens create education and motivational videos for the next generation of entrepreneurs. These videos often feature discussions with young, successful entrepreneurs from all over the United States. Topics examined range from elaborate discussions on business strategies to informal advice about life in general. By incorporating a diverse range of guest hosts and video topics, HustleHiveTv guarantees an extensive understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking for all members regardless of their initial education. The dynamic sibling pair publish their videos on their official website (hustlehivetv.com) and on their Instagram page (@hustlehivetv), which boasts over five thousand active followers.

Furthermore, Soren and Eriksen Dickens utilize their videos to counter the toxic modern cultural movement of the “work until you drop” mentality. The Dickens brothers believe that the current social media age cultivates a climate that “manipulates young people into thinking that in order to achieve success, you must work 24/7, negate your health, and sacrifice everything in your life that is not related to your hustle.”

HustleHiveTv hopes to inspire its followers by demonstrating to them that becoming a successful entrepreneur does not require sacrificing your humanity. HustleHiveTv acts upon their beliefs by holding an annual HustleHive community trip, in which all HustleHive members are invited to participate. This trip enables members of the HustleHive community to relax and reset together and also discuss common issues, such as mental health, as a community.

Yes, technically HustleHiveTv may be an educational and entertainment company, however, such a simple definition would be a disservice to the actual role HustleHiveTv takes on. Not only is HustleHiveTv seeking to educate about entrepreneurship but also they seek to promote healthy living and advocate for proper mental health. You may not know the name now, but the name HustleHiveTv and the Dickens brothers are bound to leave a lasting impact on society.