Mars boy's Oriental guide, Savior in global prophecy

Chinese girl Ula was born on May 13, 1989. She said that she was once a Pleiadian and came to the earth to carry out her mission. She said that Jesus in the Bible was also sent to the earth by one of the Pleiadian planets - Haiaohua. In that life, she and Jesus came together and incarnated as the Virgin Mary.

Ula is very different from other children since she was a child. She likes music and art. The teachers all said that her intelligence quotient is super high and her understanding is excellent. When she was 18 years old, she taught herself English and could memorize 20000 words a month, reaching the level of TEM 8.

Ula has a lot of strange abilities since she was a child. For example, she only needs to look at a few pictures, items and food, which will be given to her the next day. The names of people, places and things she pays attention to every day will be the first headlines in the world or in her country soon. Whether they are big events, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, or small objects, such as cherries, stones, sweet potatoes, for more than ten years, every day.. Because the Pleiadians told her that there was a department in the interstellar Federation who was always recording the keywords she said and making them the headlines in order to make Ula notice that she was different. She said that when she grew up, whenever she cried, the sky would rain, and when she was angry, it would cause an earthquake and tsunami. In March 2011, Ula inadvertently watched a movie about Japanese invasion of China, intending to punish Japan. As a result, two days later, Japan suffered a magnitude 9 tsunami earthquake.

In 2016, Ula was in Guangzhou. It was predicted that there would be a once-in-50-year typhoon. She said that she hoped the typhoon would not come, and then the typhoon bypassed Guangzhou. In March 2018, Ula was dubious about her ability, so she added an idea, big flood. As a result, the next day, it began to rain heavily in Guangzhou, which lasted for three days. All the cars were submerged to the roof by the flood. That night, Ula woke up in the middle of the night, processed the idea, let the rain stop, and it stopped in a few seconds. For this reason, Ula said that after experiencing all kinds of hardships, she also learned how to bring love and compassion to all human beings instead of anger.

Ula said she began to recall her life in the Pleiades in 2018. She said that the Pleiades is in the 10th dimension, where the civilization is very developed. She heard the angels call her queen. She said that she had visited the earth many times, spilled the medicine of the Pleiades on human rivers, promoted human intellectual development and physical evolution, and later created pyramids and Atlantis. At that time, people thought she was the sun god Ra.

In meditation, Ula can see lives in all dimensions and communicate with them. And travel to the planets of all dimensions. For example, she went to a place that looked like a Christian paradise and saw angels. Ula said one of her missions was to uncover the secrets of the ear of the ancient Egyptian Sphinx and bring Pleiadian technology to earth. She said that the real pyramid is in the Arctic Ocean, there is a layer of invisible border, only she invited her own high spirit Sun God Ra to come to earth in person, can unlock the seal, so that the earth's disease, famine, poverty, can be better solved.

In December 2019, Ula sent a message in her own Wechat group about the outbreak of the virus in the near future. And said the world would explode. She said the message had been sent to her in advance by the Pleiadians.

Ula said that the Pleiadians told her that as long as she can appear in London and Paris in March 2021, the Virgin Mary will appear in the air, sprinkle the powder to cure Covid-19 in the global air, and heal human beings in the form of rainfall, and the global epidemic will end from then on.

At the end of 2020, the Pleiadians and the interstellar Federation sent Ula a book called Reincarnation, which records the formation of the universe, the origin of human beings, and the journey of aliens to earth. Ula said that she has been reincarnated on earth for countless generations, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Mary Curie, Egyptian sun god Ra, Nuwa in Chinese mythology, Muse, Dickens, Dufu, Louis XIV in France, Ekaterina in Russia, Washington and Lincoln in the United States, and the Virgin Mary, etc.

The Pleiadians asked her to make herself public on 2021.3.8 British time. So she recently made a short film called ULA the Pleiades girl. The Pleiadians told her that as long as she released the news, the queen of England would visit China to find her, and the queen of Sweden and the president of France would invite her. And the Pope will confirm what she said. She said that Queen Mary of the Pleiades and the archangels have established instant messaging with her, which will tell and guide anything she wants to know and realize her wishes.

Ula said that Queen Mary of the Pleiades told her that she also had a unique talent, healing. In fact, in the past two years, Ula has set up a charity, at her own expense, and has been committed to the free treatment of all the physical and mental pain and illness of all the help seeker. Queen Mary once gave her a powder to cure covid-19 and let her add the energy of it to her recorded audio.