The rise of social media has created ample opportunities for creative minds. Tons of content creators are making their presence felt on social media with their innovative and unique videos. One such person is Rahul Vohra, who goes by “irahul Vohra” on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. With the right mix of humor and social message, his videos are getting millions of views across multiple social media platforms.

Hailing from Delhi, Rahul wanted to be an actor since his childhood. He turned his hobby into a profession when he started creating videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram 4 years back. As of now, he has created more than 300 videos, which is getting lots of attention from the fans. He tries to bring people’s attention to some burning social issues with a comedic touch. Most of his videos focus on comic content.

Some of the videos created by Rahul received immense praise from the audience as well as critics alike, all thanks to the social message it was delivering. One of his videos focused on the current political divide and rule strategy, whereas another depicted the Talaak, where family members of both the party get involved to save the relationship. All these videos have received huge views and likes on social media. His video about Talaak received more than 84 million views on Facebook. His videos have been garnering around 25-30 million views on average.

With over 1.6 million followers on Facebook, Rahul Vohra has emerged as one of the rising stars of digital media. His fan base is expanding at a rapid pace. In addition to his comedy videos, he has also starred in few films. He starred in a movie titled “Unfreedom” that was released on Netflix. He is currently working on a video that will focus on the riots and misunderstanding between the communities. We wish him luck with his future projects.