Zafar Bangash, Top Canadian Imam of Pakistan-Origin, Claims 'Role' in UN Report Rapping India on 'Rights' Violations' in Kashmir
Zafar Bangash claims he personally knows UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein | [Photo Credits: Press TV/YouTube (left), PTI (right)]

New Delhi, July 10: Top Islamic cleric in Canada of Pakistan-origin claims he had a significant role in the publication of a United Nations report which raps India on the alleged human rights' violations in Jammu & Kashmir.

"I am saying this with absolute humility but with pride that we also have a role in producing the report," said Zafar Bangash, Imam at Islamic Society of York Region's Mosque. The Pakistan-born Canadian cleric claims the UN report came after he wrote a letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, whom he "personally knows".

"We, the friends of Kashmir, also have a role in the production of this report. I have personal correspondence with Human Rights High Commissioner where he responded, (saying) he would like to have access to both LoCs," Bangash added. By "both LoCs", he referred to the report's proposal seeking an independent inquiry by a neutral body on both sides of Kashmir.

Here is the video of Zafar Bangash's contentious claim:

The report authored by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein was released on June 14. The Indian government marked its dissent against the UN Human Rights Commissioner, accusing him of submitting a report based upon "dubious sources", apart from turning a blind eye to the militancy sponsored in Kashmir financially, logistically and ideologically by Pakistan.

At the UN Session on Monday, India's Deputy Permanent Representative Tanmaya Lal said the report shows a "clear bias" towards Pakistan. It is "unfit" to be even considered by the member-nations comprising the human rights council.