Kailash Vijayvargiya Says 'Unaware' of BJP's Notice to Son Akash For Assaulting Municipal Official
File image of BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya | (Photo Credits: ANI)

New Delhi, July 6: Days after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) reportedly slapped Akash Vijayvargiya with a show-cause notice for assaulting a municipal official, his father and party veteran Kailash Vijayvargiya claimed innocence, saying that he is unaware of any such action taken against his son.

There have been contrasting statements by party leaders on the notice. While Madhya Pradesh BJP president had Thursday said that no decision was taken on the matter, a senior national leader had asserted that a notice was issued. Vijayvargiya Defends MLA Son Akash Who Beat Up An Official of Indore Municipal Corporation, Says ‘He Is a Novice’

When asked Saturday whether any such notice has been issued to the MLA, Satyendra Bhushan Singh, office secretary of the state BJP, said, "Nothing like that, at least in my knowledge."

The issue of imminent action against Akash came up after Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday disapproved of his conduct and language. BJP leaders have feigned ignorance whether any notice has been served to Akash asking him to explain his conduct.

Akash had assaulted an official of the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) on June 26 during an argument over razing of a dilapidated building, which was caught on camera. He is currently out on bail.

"I don't know about it. I (just) reached here (Bhopal) from Delhi but I read in newspapers that Akash was served something," Kailash Vijayvargiya told reporters when asked about the show-cause notice against his son.

In reply to a question whether he scolded Akash over the incident, the Vijayvargiya senior said that he had done whatever he was supposed to do as a father. "Dantna (reprimanding) and 'samjhana'... I don't want to discuss it publicly," he added.

When asked about Akash not seen in public after the prime minister's statement, his father said, "Ask him. He will be here to attend the state Assembly session (on July 8)."

After his release from jail, Akash was given a hero's welcome by some BJP workers. Though he remained unapologetic over the act, Akash had said that he would try to follow Mahatma Gandhi's path of non-violence while raising public issues in future.

(With PTI inputs)