Narendra Modi's Statement About 'Effect of Clouds on Radar Signals from Aircraft During Balakot Strike' Deleted By BJP Twitter Handles After Backlash; Watch Video
File image of PM Narendra Modi | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, May 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has drawn flak after he claimed in a televised interview on Saturday that he had advised the Indian Air Force (IAF) to execute the strikes in Pakistan's Balakot on February 27, "despite the rough weather". The BJP Twitter handles, which had posted the statements of PM Modi, deleted the same after being lambasted online.

"The weather was not good on the day of airstrikes. There was a thought that crept in the minds of experts that day of strike should be changed. However, I suggested that the clouds could actually help our planes escape the radars," the social media handles of BJP India and BJP Gujarat quoted the Prime Minister as saying. 'Modi Govt Took Credit For Balakot, Should Also Take Responsibility For Pulwama'

The tweets were taken down within a short span after uploading them. They were likely deleted due to the negative reaction drawn from social media users.

Below Are Screenshots of the Deleted Tweets:

Scores of Twitter users took jibe at PM Modi for allegedly attempting to dwarf the valour shown by IAF in striking the largest JeM camp in Pakistan's Balakot on February 27. The social media users questioned the expertise of Modi vis-a-vis the highly-trained technocrat Air Force officers

Here Are Some Reactions:

Tongue-In-Cheek Barb:

'All Wars in Monsoons Henceforth?'

And More Sarcastic Jibes:

In video of the full interview with News Nation shared below, the Prime Minister begins speaking on the Balakot airstrike subject from 26:00. Here how Modi claims to have suggested the Air Force to use clouds to their advantage.

Watch Video of PM Modi's Interview to News Nation Below:

Modi's controversial statements is likely to evoke a sharp reaction from the Opposition camp, which has already charged him of using the Balakot strikes as a poll plank in the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

"National security is not something to be trifled with. Such an irresponsible statement from Modi is highly damaging. Somebody like this can’t remain India’s PM," said CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury.