Energy is undoubtedly the universal thing present in our human body. It is a force that allows for life to exist and enlighten a warm vibe around. The practice of energy healing has its own set of benefits which is known to bring out a positive impact on people’s lives. One of the best energy healers, Ameeta Lohia has a holistic approach to energy healing by which she activates the body’s subtle energy systems to eradicate the blocks. By breaking the blocks throughout, she has the ability to heal the person or a place with positivity.

Ameeta believes that energy healing is the traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind and soul. With her technique, she heals the person physically, emotionally and spiritually thus boosting the mental health. Born with a special intuition power, the 55-year old is a woman with multiple skills. She holds expertise in spiritual healing, astrology, soul connection and cosmic connection. Gifted with such strong powers, Mrs Lohia has solved the problems of many people and is spreading happiness making the world a better place.

Furthermore, the most common norm for recovery in today’s time is medicine. Sharing her views on how she can heal people with energy, she said, “Energy is something which cannot be seen but can be felt. I don’t say that medicines have side-effects, but after all, it is a kind of drug comprising of a chemical substance to recover the body. I have treated people who couldn’t fully recover from medications but got healed through energy healing. What counts is the karma a person does in life and that’s where it affects the energy in a person’s body.”

Integrating energy healing with scientific principles, Ameeta Lohia emphasizes that it is all about the vibe. It can be the vibe of a person, place or even a thing. “When you enter a silent room, you might feel calm and relaxed. On the other hand, when you walk in a room where there is a lot of noise, you might feel the dense energy. That’s what it is all about”, she added. Lastly, Mrs Lohia sums it up that positive energy creates an environment of less self-doubt and creates harmony all around. With her special powers, she has earlier helped in removing negative blockages from a garment factory in Hyderabad and helped it in smooth functioning again.