When we wanted to choose the best singer to listen to we had no idea what singer to choose. The year 2020 was without concerts and shared experiences around music, which made forming a connection with new artists difficult, but not impossible. Many turned to social media and live streams, others let the music do the talking, and in some ways, 2020 was a promising year for more rising artists than usual.

Sometimes you like hearing an unfamiliar voice for the first time or falling in love with a song that feels like it was made for you

Whether it's a brand new artist just getting started or an act who leveled up and hit their stride, he is worth keeping an eye on this year. It's time to look forward again, and he is an artist you have to be watching out for.

Arsha Lezgi was born in 1993 with his artistic name Arshaa started his career in different styles of music.

His first Pop-R&B album was published in 2017. When it was released, he got a lot of positive feedback. His reluctant attitude toward fame, eye for elevated visuals, and understated authenticity characterize an artist bound for cultural significance and art anchored by instinct. His friendly persona has attracted an ever-growing fan base of thousands on social media. But this number is nothing compared to the success he’ll see the moment the rest of the world catches on to his magnetic charm. Arsha has kept his releases precious but powerful, gracefully confirming himself as one of the most compelling artists of the now.

He started his career professionally when the single track named Delam Delam was released. His future is bright, and he will be listened to in the whole world in the upcoming years.