Taking the medical aesthetics industry by storm is none other than the rising medical spa entrepreneur and seasoned medical nurse Audrey Rose. Her empire in the industry is marked by the renowned Age-Less Weigh-Less medical spa and the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics. As she spearheads these two major milestones in the world of aesthetics, her ultimate vision remains one and the same: to empower people by bringing them beauty and confidence to take over the world.

Audrey Rose is the visionary founder of Age-Less Weigh-Less medical spa and the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics. Her medical spa is committed to guiding clients in boosting their overall confidence and self-esteem by bringing out their true beauty through aesthetics procedures such as body sculpting, laser treatments, weight loss treatments, lip and cheeks contour, and many more. On the other hand, her institute of medical aesthetics is dedicated to training nurses and other cosmetics professionals on the various injection techniques for Botox and fillers. Through the years, Audrey has trained and mentored hundreds of nurses not only in the realm of administering injectables but also in the entrepreneurial aspect of bringing their dream cosmetics business to life. 

Before building her legacy in the medical aesthetics arena, Audrey Rose worked as a professional nurse in the hospital and healthcare industry. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and Master's Degree in Acute Care Nursing from North Eastern University. But the sought-after cosmetics maven had a bigger vision for herself. As a woman of color, her inspiration came from empowered personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Serena Williams, and many Black Americans who have brought a life-changing impact to the world in one way or another. 

Today, Audrey Rose stands as one of the most successful and sought-after cosmetics professionals in the industry. Many high-value clients from all over the country come to experience her incredible services through the Age-Less Weigh-Less medical spa and the Audrey Institute of Medical Aesthetics. 

In spite of her industry-shaking impact, the hard-working entrepreneur keeps her feet on the ground. Audrey Rose remains focused on teamwork and celebrating success without instigating catty competitions. She truly believes that competitors can successfully co-exist and work together interdependently. For Audrey, building a healthy, active, and positive community will always be the top priority. 

"Our stance is to encourage community over ‘competition’; there is enough room in this industry for all of us. In our office, we do not worry about our competitors but instead use that energy to focus on how we can continue to serve our clients and bring the best of the best to them," Audrey Rose expressed. "We stay up to date on new products and services and treat every client differently by tailoring aesthetic treatments specific to their needs. Our clients are the most important things to us. They are our purpose, and we center everything we do in our business around them," she continued.

Essentially, Audrey Rose hopes to serve as an inspiration for aspiring medical aesthetics entrepreneurs and cosmetics professionals. At the same time, she hopes to touch the lives of many more people through various beauty-enhancing procedures that will help boost their beauty and confidence. Through Age-Less Weigh-Less medical spa and the Audrey Rose Institute of Medical Aesthetics, she hopes to bring other people's vision to life, may it be in the realm of beauty or the business industry.