The secret to having strong confidence lies in being the way you are. “Be unique and create an identity of your own and always be open to learning ”, quotes celebrity emcee Angela Rebello. Known for her excellent communication skills, Angela’s inquisitive behaviour and the ability to learn new things rightly sets her apart from her contemporaries. Having hosted more than 1500 shows in almost 50 countries, Angela credits the day-to-day practice that has helped her become one of the best names in the business. With an experience of more than a decade, the popular TV host explains how she groomed her confidence with finesse all these years. 

According to Angela, the first and the most important way to build confidence in a room full of people is to engage with them. She says, “Make eye contact. Instead of keeping your body still, engage with some facial expressions, a smile, or a joke to begin with and indulge in some effective hand gestures. The way you speak and present yourself creates energy in front of everyone.”

Also, you must be aware of what audience you are addressing, you need to understand and believe and rehearse the content you are presenting, When all of this is in place you will not only sound confident but also you will be amazing.”

Always being jovial on stage, the stunning anchor has made sure to create a lively vibe in front of thousands of people. In addition, Angela also believes that an impeccable style statement can make many heads turn at the event.

To impart her knowledge on building self-confidence, Angela Rebello recently conducted various webinars. Recently, she was invited to an Institute in Gujarat, a virtual event where she spoke about public speaking, and the effective way to be an influential speaker inspired many young minds. “I always feel blessed to know that my work as an Emcee is bringing an impact on people’s lives. That’s what I strive for, and bringing smiles on people’s faces is what I love to do the most”, added Rebello. Some of the remarkable events hosted by the celebrity anchor include the 65th Filmfare Awards and Filmfare OTT Awards.

The dynamic woman has earlier hosted events for Filmfare four times, and her association continued this year as well. Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Awards, Queen’s Baton Relay Common Wealth Games, and Asian Athletics Championship are some other big events where the host has weaved her magic in the past. In a commendable career, Angela Rebello has interviewed many influential personalities from different walks of life like cinema, sports, and politics. While summing up, the anchor shared that interviewing the notable personalities also helped her in boosting her confidence and transforming her into the entertaining host that she is today.