Chrissy Teigen Gets Real About Her ‘Mom Bod’, Posts Honest Video About Her Insecurities on Twitter
Chrissy Teigen shares honest post on her stretchmarks and mom bod. (Photo Credits: Chrissy Teigen/Twitter)

Chrissy Teigen is one of the few celebrities who is brutally honest on social media and does not shy away from posting raw and unedited photos and videos of herself. And if her posts invite trollers, she is quick to shut them down with a sassy comeback (we love her for that). Right from her cooking videos, photos of her children to even trolling her husband John Legend on social media, Chrissy doesn’t hold back. And now, she is back with yet another video where she shares her ‘mom bod’ and openly accepts about her insecurities. Chrissy and John became parents to son Miles in May.

Yesterday, she started by sharing a video on Twitter of her stretch marks, which otherwise would be edited out by some influencers. She is heard saying in the video: “I guess these just aren’t gonna go away. This is my body.” She captions the video as ‘mom bod alert!’ Couldn’t get more honest than this. Chrissy Teigen Gets Slammed for Sharing Breastfeeding Picture; Gives It Back to Social Media Trolls With Snarky Replies

Chrissy Teigen Showing Off Her Stretch Marks Post Second Birth

In the following thread, she writes: ‘Mosquito bites are a nice touch’. Following that she posted an adorable photo of her husband John kissing her while she is topless in a bikini. The couple is currently vacationing in Bali with their children.

She then got serious and explained her decision about posting the honest video of her ‘mom bod’. In the tweet she explained that where people are posting their amazingly hot bodies on Instagram, here she is posting about how a regular old body looks like.

She further confessed that she’s far from unconditionally loving every inch of herself right now. She wrote that she doesn’t have ‘body confidence’ right now and is still ‘super insecure’. Her post will make other people out there struggling to feel more confident about themselves and embracing their post pregnancy weight and flaws that come with it. Motherhood isn’t easy but when people like Chrissy embrace it in its entirety, it makes us super happy and proud.