How To Walk In Heels: 5 Simple Tips to Keep in Mind While Wearing High Heeled Shoes
How to walk in high heels (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot," said the diva Marilyn Monroe, although we doubt if all of womankind can agree with it. While most of them love the heels, not all are really comfortable in the high, pointed shoes. Heels sure lift the structure and spirit of the woman wearing them, but it can also make her more anxious. It isn't so easy to pull off heels, especially for women who only wear them occasionally. But it isn't all that tough either. Heels can be worn flawlessly if you just keep a couple of things in mind.

Choose yourself the right pair of heels. It is important to wear the right size of heels for your body's overall comfort and easy walking.  If you care for your feet, follow these five  basic tips and walk smoothly.

Walking Pattern

While wearing heels, keep in mind that the pattern to walk is - heel toe, heel toe, heel toe. While you are walking wearing a pair of heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe, and follow this pattern for a smooth walk.

Small Steps

When you wear a pair of heels, it makes your stride shorter. So it is advisable to not take large strides. Instead, take smaller steps when you walk.  Also, smaller steps make your gait look more graceful.

Lean Back a Bit

When wearing heels, your movement gets controlled. You are not able to walk at a pace you may want, and it naturally leads to make you lean forward a little. So lead a little backwards so that your body is stretched and not forced to lean.

The Thicker the Better 

Thicker heels give you a better platform, making it easier for you to walk. Instead of opting for pencil heels and stilettos, wear chunkier heels like block and wedges for a smoother and a more comfortable walk.

Foot Cushions to the Rescue 

Taking a little help doesn't hurt anyone. Get yourself a foot cushion or insole. They are made of silicone gel and are placed beneath the ball of the foot inside the footwear. They provide support to the feet while walking as well as prevent you from getting a sore feet.

Also make sure your nails are trimmed and proper and don't come in the way of your comfort. These basic tips will help you walk more confidently and comfortably while you slay in those beautiful pair of heels!