Jeffree Star Pulls a Jaclyn Hill and Sells Rotten Lipsticks in His Mystery Boxes
Jeffree Star in Drama (Photo Credits: Instagram and Twitter/ConnorKrystyn)

Jeffree Star is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry. From making history and inspiring millions of men to openly use makeup to having a racist past, Jeffree has been through it all. His brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics is one of the most popular brands and maximum customers only have positive feedbacks. While all his releases and mystery boxes are a massive hit, this time his mystery boxes caused some inconveniences for customers and it looks like Jeffree pulled a Jaclyn Hill. YouTuber Jaclyn Hill’s Line of ‘Rotten’ Lipsticks Contains Fungus and Hair! Fans Enraged.

Jeffree Star released his mystery boxes every season for his fans to enjoy a surprise. The boxes contain unpredictable makeup that comes at a cheaper rate and helps fans out of their comfort zones. The mystery boxes come in three different sizes. While they were all sold out in minutes, people weren’t exactly happy with them. People complained about rotten lipsticks from a 2017 collection. The liquid lipsticks were dried off and the bullet lipsticks had sweating, hair, dents or weird liquids oozing out. Jeffree Star Hath Spoken on Kylie Jenner’s Skin Care Products: ‘Hahahahahha’.

Tweets Soon After the Mystery Boxes Were Delivered

Glass/Plastic was Found


Fans are also upset over his morphe collab announcement. Jeffree had worked with the infamous brand before and created a set of brushes and makeup sponges with them. Because Jeffree Star Cosmetics is sold at morphe stores, fans speculate Jeffree isn't completely honest with morphe reviews. And now he comes out with a palette with them, even though he has eyeshadows in his own brand. In his palette introduction video, he says he worked with morphe to cater to fans who couldn’t afford his own brand. Jeffree claims the quality of morphe and his own brand is the same. People were quick to question, if Jeffree uses expensive ingredients for his brand then how is morphe the same experience as Jeffree Star Cosmetic’ eyeshadows? People have also compared the pink packaging to kids’ makeup.