Happy Dev Deepawali 2020. The holy festival of Dev Deepavali will be celebrated on 29 November i.e. this Sunday. The traditional celebration of UP is observed on a special day, on which if you follow certain dos and don'ts rituals you can actually bring in good luck, happiness, prosperity and even wealth. The festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Kartik as a symbol of victory of Lord Shiva over Tripurasura. People wish each other on the occasion by exchanging Dev Deepavali wishes and HD Images. We also bring to you Dev Deepavali WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Greetings, GIFs, Wallpapers, Instagram Stories, Messages and SMS. So before we tell you about the auspicious rituals, take some time out to share these wishes and messages which you can greet your dear ones with your loved ones and celebrate the day. Also, if you are looking for the Shubh muhurta of Dev Diwali prayers, let us tell you that the time for worshipping on Dev Deepawali is 2: 40 pm and the worship of Dev Deepawali should be done between 05.08 pm and 07.47 pm. Here are a few auspicious things you can do to bring in good luck:

Bathe in the Holy River: Kartik month is considered very sacred. There has been an ancient tradition of bathing in the holy river throughout this month. According to beliefs, in this auspicious month, Shri Hari lives in water. Therefore, one should bathe in the river daily before sunrise. By doing this one attains virtue. Bathing in the river is considered extremely auspicious, especially on Deep Diwali. On this day, people go to bathe in pilgrimage places like Haridwar, Kurukshetra, Pushkar and Garhganga.

Donate:  It is believed that on the day of Dev Deepawali, all the gods come to the ghat of the Ganges and light the lamp. Therefore, on this day, do the donation of lamp at places like river, pond etc. By doing this, you get rid of all the problems and there is peace and tranquility in the house.

Fast on the Full Moon: Fasting on the festival of Deep Deepawali is of great importance. By observing fast on this day, all wishes are fulfilled. Charity will be rewarded

Worship Tulsi: Worshiping Shaligram and Tulsi ji is very important on this day. People who worship Tulsi on this day have their wishes fulfilled.

Do not consume onion, garlic and meat:  Apart from this, you should also stay away from alcohol or other intoxicants.

Sleep on the ground: Sleeping on the ground is considered auspicious on this auspicious day. According to beliefs, sleeping on earth on this day gets rid of all diseases and disorders.


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