Father's day is just around the corner (June 20th) and we're sure kids everywhere are probably racking the brains with the perfect gift for the most important man in their lives. Unless you are still of the age where you're marking the walls with crayons, a mere hand drawing to go up on the fridge just won't do anymore. You've got to start thinking outside the box to start showing your appreciation for the increase in your allowance, despite when you were being a brat and probably weren't deserving of the hike. Plus you have the added advantage of dad' being pretty easy to please.

They might shirk off the idea of a gift and say that it is unnecessary, but this is one order that all kids should ignore with impunity. A gift would go a long way to show your ever-so-loving dads that they are appreciated. Here are a few gifting ideas that will not only please but wring out the gushy feels from even the most stoic dads.

  • 101 So Bad, They're Good Dad Jokes 

Dads do love their dad jokes. If they're running out of material this book will surely come in handy. But beware, This might prove to be a bit counterintuitive as you might have to sign up for more dad jokes.

  • Customized Family Portrait

Family portraits are always a good gift, a reminder that he's always had his tribe with him. A customized portrait with the initials or family name or perhaps his initials or your initials will just take this gift over the edge.

  • Shave Kit

You can never go wrong with a shaving kit. It's always necessary and always appreciated. Get a kit with all the shaving essentials like a safety razor, priming oil, shaving cream, restoring balm, shaving brush and blades.

  • Decanter

Dads love their whiskey. A decanter is a great gift and it's aesthetically pleasing. If you've got extra money to shell out, add a couple of glasses to go with the decanter and you'll have a whole set.

  • Beer Subscription

A beer subscription will definitely put you in the hall of fame. Dad's love their beers a year-round of free beers will definitely get them all gushy and might just earn you a few extra brownie points.

We wish all those who are lucky to celebrate this special day in the company of your father, a very Happy Father's Day 2021!

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