Independence Day Celebrations 2018: Video Tutorials to Practise for Culture Programmes in School on 15th August
Independence Day Celebrations (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ YouTube)

Individuals are gearing up to celebrate the 72nd Independence Day. Not just popular spots, but every schools and college will hold functions on the special occasion, remembering the freedom fighters of the nation. Cultural programmes, a skit, a magic show and many more performances by children adds colour to the Independence Day functions at schools. Kids love to practise during their breaks or even after school hours, and the audience appreciates the cultural programmes. As we remember the sacrifice of the freedom fighters of India, the children are also gearing up with their unique and adorable performances to make it even more special. Below are a few video tutorials that you can steal and make your act effective on Independence Day 2018. Let's Remember These 5 Unsung Freedom Fighters of India who Sacrificed Their Lives. 

15th August holds a special significance to every Indian. Unfolding the tricolour national flag, it was our country’s rebirth. After countless sacrifices by our freedom fighters, India breathes freely; the Britisher's brutality finally came to an end. This is the best opportunity for kids to appreciate our rich history and culture. Instead of regular school days, Flag hoisting, Parade and many fun activities keeping the free spirit in mind are explored by them. Here are a few videos which will guide your children to go creative and understand patriotism on the 72nd Independence Day.

Dance performance by school children on patriotic songs.

In almost all the schools and colleges around the country, no academic work is done on this day. The students and staff members gather in their respective institutions to celebrate Independence Day. The flag hoisting ceremony takes place followed by the National Anthem. Students also participate in parades. The celebration continues till evening.

Independence Day function performed by teachers and students.

It is not necessary that only children will perform during the Independence Day function. They gather more confidence, when taking a break from the studies, their teachers too participate. This tutorial will help you and your children to perform on patriotic beats and shower the love for the country.

Students delivering a speech on Independence Day.

Apart from dancing to the patriotic tunes, school children also engage in delivering a speech on Independence Day. This helps them to know more about our nation's struggle and the endless sacrifices made by our freedom fighters towards independence.

Kids performing in patriotic song on Independence Day. 

There are a number of patriotic songs which the children can use to perform in the school performances. These steps are quick, easy and it will not take much time for you to prepare.

Various cultural programmes like folk dances, skits and dramas are conducted to respect our heroes and also develop leadership qualities among the school students. Patriotic fervour is seen in all lanes and corners in the country. India’s Prime Minister addresses the nation at the Red Fort in New Delhi. As the whole country is painted in tricolour, we hope that the videos above will add much zeal for your Independence Day 2018 preparations.