Ker Puja is an important festival for the people of Tripura who observe the day to worship Ker, the deity of Vastu Devata. It falls at the end of Kharchi Puja, which is conducted to worship the fourteen gods who formed the dynasty deity of the Tripuri people. Ker Puja 2022 is being observed on July 6, Wednesday. As the Northeast community of India celebrates the festive day, know about the date and significance of Ker Puja 2022.

During the festival that is celebrated for 2.5-3 days, the entrances of the capital city of Tripura, Agartala, are closed. The participants are not allowed to wear shoes, dance, sing or light a fire. The Puja ceremony begins with a loud bang, and people are prevented from making any other loud noises during the festival. It is believed that worshipping the guardian deity would save people from natural calamities or any other aggressive forces that might harm the state's people. Get complete knowledge about the auspicious day that holds particular importance in Tripura. Kharchi Puja 2022 Wishes: WhatsApp Images, Greetings, Quotes and Messages To Celebrate Tripura's Week-Long Royal Festival

Ker Puja 2022 Date and Significance

As mentioned above, Ker Puja 2022 begins on July 6, Wednesday. The important Hindu festival is observed in Tripura, which involves honouring the guardian deity of Vastu Devata by providing various sacrifices, offerings and a prescribed boundary to protect people from nature's aggression or any unforeseen external contingency. On this day, expectant mothers, elderly and sick people are taken to the nearby villages to save them from any external harm that may occur. The head priest or Chantai takes precedence over any other authority on this particular day. A large price of bamboo curved in the symbolic shape of Ker is curved and swung during the celebration. It is known that the puja was started by the former kings of Tripura, who would perform the ritual for the welfare and well-being of the people of the state. Ker Puja is observed as a public holiday in Tripura when all the banks and public offices remain closed.

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