As the new year has begun, Makar Sankranti will be celebrated soon. The day, also known as Uttarayan is characterised by Sun god worship, daan (donation), til(sesame) and khichdi. The harvest festival is celebrated around the country in different forms. Lord Surya is worshipped on Makar Sankranti. A fast is kept and donations are made throughout the day in reverence. On this day, the Sun is said to move in the Uttarayan and therefore auspicious timings begin. According to the Puranas, bathing in a pilgrimage site or holy river Ganga on this day leads to the attainment of virtue. Apart from this, forefathers are remembered on Sankranti festival and devotees perform tarpan for them. Makar Sankranti 2021 Dos and Don'ts: From Performing Kala Til Daan to Preparing Khichdi, Rituals That Brings in Good Luck & Prosperity on This Auspicious Day. 

Makar Sankranti Sankalpa Mantra

Special mantras are chanted on this day while praying on Makar Sankranti. You must also fulfil the Makar Sankranti fast and puja vidhi properly on this day. You must wake up before sunrise in the morning and bathe with sesame seeds in bathwater. People also wear red clothes. People offer pure water (jal) in a copper pot to the Sun God. Add red flowers, red sandalwood, sesame seeds and a little jaggery to this water.

You must say these mantras while offering water: Om Ghriti Surya Aditya Namah

After this, offer prayers to the sun god and chant the following mantras:

  • Om Surya Namah
  • Om Adityaaya Namah
  • Om Savitre Namah
  • Om Martanday Namah
  • Om Vishnave Namah
  • Om Bhaskarai Namah
  • Om Bhaanave Namah
  • Om Marichaye Namah

From today onwards, day length is said to increase in the size of sesame seeds, therefore it is also celebrated as ‘Til Sankranti’. The Vishnu Dharmasutra states that the six uses of sesame are beneficial and fruitful for the peace of the souls of the ancestors, their own health and well-being - sesame-water bath, sesame-donation, sesame-meal, sesame-water offering, Til-Ahuti and Sesame ubtan. The holy festival celebrates mutual affection, growth, sweetness, so on this day, people give each other sesame as the symbol of love and jaggery as a symbol of sweetness.


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