Ochira Kali is a traditional festival celebrated in the town of Ochira in the Kollam district of Kerala. This unique festival stands out for its vibrant and distinctive nature. It is rooted deeply in the cultural and religious traditions of the region. The festival of Ochira Kali commemorates a historical battle that took place in the region. It is believed to be a reenactment of the fight between the armies of the Kayamkulam and Ambalapuzha kingdoms. Historically, it is a mock battle between two groups, to the sound of drums, in a waterlogged field called padanilam at the Oachira Temple. Temple Festivals of Kerala 2024 Dates: From Arattu Festival to Thrissur Pooram, Know Significance and Celebrations Related to Major Temple Festivals in Kerala.

Ochira Kali is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Aashad, which corresponds to the month of June or July in the Gregorian calendar, aligning with the monsoon season. This year, Ochira Kali 2024 will be celebrated on June 15 and 16.

Ochira Kali 2024 Date

Ochira Kali 2024 celebrations will start on June 15 and end on June 16.

Ochira Kali Significance

Ochira Kali is an iconic festival of Kerala that has been celebrated for ages. One of the main highlights of the festival is the mock battle performed in a waterlogged field where participants, dressed as warriors, engage in a simulated combat using sticks, symbolising the historic battle.

According to records, the festival of Oachira Kali commemorates the battle of Kayamkulam, fought between the Maharaja of Travancore Marthanda Varma and the Raja of Kayamkulam on the plains of Oachira Temple. The Padanilam or battlefield is a paddy field adjacent to the famous Oachira Parabrahma temple and the festivities are part of a ritual associated with the shrine.

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