Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi 2023 will begin from 10 June 2023. This is one of the most important events that make Pandharpur Wari and is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by people across Maharashtra. The 21-day festival, where devotees walk towards Pandharpur with Palkhis, singing songs and offering prayers that appease Lord Vitthal, has been a tradition for over 800-900 years. While there are several Palkhis that join the procession, the Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi and Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi are the most significant. During Pandharpur Wari 2023, Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi will begin on June 10, and the Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi will start on June 11. As we prepare for this auspicious event, here is everything you need to know about the Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi 2023, its route as well as the significance of Pandharpur Wari. Pandharpur Wari 2023 Timetable: Complete Schedule of Sant Tukaram Maharaj And Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Yatra Marg.

Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi 2023

The prasthan or beginning of the Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi for Pandharpur Wari 2023, will begin on June 10. The Palkhi procession will go on for 21 days, and the final events of this Palkhi will take place on the auspicious occasion of Ashada Ekadashi. Devotees who want to partake in the Palkhi often look out for the route of the Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi or Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Marg 2023 to know where and how they can get a sighting of this auspicious shrine in motion or join the foot journey to Vithoba Temple in Pandharpur. Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi Yatra Marg 2023 Schedule: Pandharpur Wari Start Date; What Is the Route of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Sohala.

Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi 2023 Route

Date Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Yatra Marg
June 10, 2023 Prasthan
June 11, 2023 Aakurdi Vitthal Mandir
June 12, 2023 Nana Peth Pune
June 13, 2023 Nana Peth Pune
June 14, 2023 Loni Kalbhor
June 15, 2023 Yavat (Palkhi Tal)
June 16, 2023 Varvand
June 17, 2023 Udvada Ghalichi
June 18, 2023 Baramati Shaarda Vidyalay
June 19, 2023 Sansar
June 20, 2023 Attune
June 21, 2023 Nimgaon Ketki
June 22, 2023 Indapur
June 23, 2023 Sarati
June 24, 2023 Akluj Mane Vidyalay
June 25, 2023 Boregaav
June 26, 2023 Phirachi Kuroli Gayaran
June 27, 2023 Vakhri
June 28, 2023 Shri Kshetra Pandharpur
June 29, 2023 Ashadha Ekadashi

Devotees from across Maharashtra and nearby areas leave for Pandharpur, wearing holy basil beads and singing the glories of Vithoba and songs like Gyanba Tukaram, commemorating the saints. On the occasion of Ashada Ekadashi or Shayani Ekadashi, the devotees take a holy dip in the Bhima River and then visit the auspicious Vitobha Temple.

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