Happy Navratri 2021! This year the nine-night festival begins with Ashwin Shukla Pratipada. Navratri, the holy festival that sees the worship of Maa Durga, starts from October 07 this year. The first day Navratri is celebrated as Ghatsthapana or the establishment of Kalash. Devotee take a resolution to fast for Navratri and worship of Maa Durga. But what is the right method of establishing the Kalash or Ghatsthapana in Navratri? What is the Muhurta, dos & don'ts and puja samagri for setting up the Kalash? Here's everything you need know.

Navratri 2021 Kalash Ghatsthapana Muhurta

October 07 is the first day of Navratri. On this day, you should establish a Kalash in Abhijit Muhurta, this is the best Muhurta. Abhijit Muhurta will begin  from 11:37 am to 12:23 pm during the day. Apart from this, if you wish, establish Navratri Kalash in the morning between 6:54 am to 9:14 am.

Navratri Ghatsthapana Dos and Don'ts

  • Red colored seat, earthen pot or urn, barley, clay, molly, camphor, roli, cardamom, clove, whole betel nut, intact, Ashoka or five leaves of mango, coins, red chunri, vermilion, Coconuts, fruits and flowers, makeup boxes and garlands of flowers.
  • To establish the Kalash, in the Muhurta itself, first you must worship Lord Ganesha and establish the Kalash.
  • Use clean red cloth on the place where the Kalash is to be installed and tie Mouli on the coconut and make Swastik on the Kalash with Roli or sandalwood.
  • Tie Kalava to coconut.
  • Apply tilak on the coconut with kumkum and place the coconut on top of the Kalash.
  • Keep coconut in the east direction.
  • Make a swastika symbol on the Kalash.

According to religious texts, the Kalash is considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides in the mouth of the Kalash. Rudra in the throat of the Kalash and Brahma ji in the root. At the same time, divine powers reside in the middle of the Kalash, so it is necessary and auspicious to establish the Kalash on the auspicious days of Navratri. During the establishment of the Kalash, barley is sown around the Kalash. The belief behind this is that at the time of the beginning of creation, the first crop was barley, hence it is called a complete crop. And this is the reason that it is offered to the deities at the time of Havan.

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