World Jellyfish Day 2019: Interesting Facts About This Amazing Marine Species That Exists Since 500 Million Years!
World Jellyfish Day (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Not every one of us pays much attention to the number of sea jellies that are frequenting the beach sides. But there is a dedicated day that celebrates their very existence. World Jellyfish Day is marked every year on November 3, to recognise these slimy marine creatures which have existing since more than a million years. There is no particular event or observation as such but it is supposedly introduced by a group of marine biologists. Jellyfish are actually strange creatures, one of the major fact being they are not a fish, despite having it in their name. On World Jellyfish Day 2019, we tell you a little more about these marine creatures.

World Jellyfish Day is marked during the year-ending days because it is the season when they begin their migration to the shores. The most common image that we have seen enough on TV shows or documentaries is the umbrella-shaped bells with dangling tentacles. These tentacles have stinging properties which they use as their defence. These marine creatures are found all over the world and within deep waters as well as the shores. One of the most intriguing facts about them is their existence on this planet dates back to the time when human civilization wasn't there. Jellyfish Swimming in Tiny Bowl Sparks Debate Online, Twitterati Slams British Business Magnate Alan Sugar for Cruelty (Watch Viral Video). 

Some Interesting Facts About Jellyfish

  • Jellyfish are among the oldest inhabitants on this planet, even before the dinosaurs. It is said they have been in existence for possibly 700 million years or more! They are the oldest multicellular organisms on Earth!
  • These creatures have the most unique structure, with no brain, heart or eyes! Their tentacles are the source of an attack to stun their prey and eat it. These very tentacles also act as their defence from their predators.
  • There are over 1,000 species of these creatures, some too big and some tinier as a sand grain. Jellyfish as Big as Humans Spotted by Divers in UK, View Stunning Pic of Barrel Jellyfish.
  • The box jellyfish has one of the deadliest stings in the world. Toxins from these tentacles can cause heart attack, affect the nervous system.
  • Most jellyfish feed on smaller fishes, shrimps and tiny plants. They also have a faster digestion mechanism compared to other creatures, otherwise, they would not be able to float so easily.
  • Jellyfish have the ability to clone themselves! An injured jellyfish can clone itself as their damaged tissues grow into another jellyfish.

Are they just stunning? It is unfortunate that most of us are unaware of the brilliance of these marine species and often neglect their existence. In fact, they have been on this planet long, long before humans even formed. And it thus makes total sense to have a dedicated day to the oldest multicellular inhabitant of this planet. On this Jellyfish day, share these interesting facts with your friends and family.