World Sea Turtle Day is an annual celebration that is celebrated on June 16 to honour and raise global awareness about sea turtles and their conservation. The international event highlights the importance of protecting sea turtles as they play a crucial role in marine ecosystems. These creatures are magnificent in their own way. To highlight the importance of sea turtles, June 16 is designated as World Sea Turtle Day. In this article, let us know more about World Sea Turtle Day 2024 date, history and significance.

The establishment of World Sea Turtle Day can be credited to Dr. Archie Carr, Sea Turtle Conservancy’s founder and 'father of sea turtle biology'. Carr's research and conservation efforts have been instrumental in protecting sea turtle populations. He will forever be remembered for the enhancement of the sea turtle conservation movement and his legacy.

World Sea Turtle Day 2024

World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated on the same day as Dr. Carr’s birthday - June 16.  This year, it falls on a Sunday.

World Sea Turtle Day History and Significance

World Sea Turtle Day is an important global awareness day dedicated to educating the public about the threats faced by sea turtles and the importance of preserving their natural habitats. Sea Turtles, like any other creature, are magnificent in their own ways. They are beautiful animals who show incredible perseverance and resiliency.

Coastal development, pollution, and climate change contribute to the loss and degradation of nesting and habitats of these sea turtles. Moreover, sea turtles are hunted for their shells, meat, and eggs, which are often sold illegally. Hence, this day serves as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness for conservation through events, educational programs, and media campaigns.

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