Easter 2020 Brunch Recipe Ideas: From Orange Ricotta Pancakes to Asparagus Frittatas; 7 Dishes to Try This Easter Sunday
Hash Brown Cups, Orange Ricotta Pancakes (Photo Credits: Unsplash, Wikimedia)

Easter is almost here and people across countries are preparing. While celebrations have been cut down due to coronavirus lockdown, many are planning are spend the day in celebrations at home with their families. One of the integral parts of Easter celebrations is food. From hash brown egg cups, orange ricotta pancakes, fruit tarts, cheese-tossed potatoes, asparagus frittatas, Easter is a foody affair. As Easter 2020 nears, we bring to you the best Easter brunch ideas to make your celebrations interesting. Easters are known for elaborate lunch and dinner tables, but are people are in quarantine you festival may not look like the last year. But let's celebrate with whatever can be managed and pray for the less fortunate, especially at times when people are trying to fight the coronavirus. Easter 2020 Dinner Menu Ideas: From Honey-Glazed Ham to Scalloped Potatoes to Pies; List of Traditional Sunday Easter Dishes.

In the meanwhile, here are some Easter brunch ideas you can try at home. Easter brunches are traditionally known for hams, frittatas, bread puddings, pancakes, waffles and quiches. You can also include spring salads and even try some fun egg-theme dessert to make your brunch look interesting. Easter 2020 Dinner for Take-Out: These Restaurants in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore & Delhi Are Delivering Sunday Easter Dinner Meals, So You Can Celebrate Safely at Home.

1. Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Microwave a sweet potato for around eight minutes and then crack an egg inside and finish the dish in the oven.

2. Asparagus Frittata: Asparagus Frittata is quite common during Easter brunches. Made with lemon, basil, and garlic roasted asparagus, it is a great brunch or breakfast dish or a quick dinner option.

3. Hash Brown Egg Cups: Made with frozen shredded hash brown potatoes and eggs, the muffin cup adds colour to the Easter brunch food list.

Watch Hash Brown Egg Cups Recipe Below:

4. Pancake Fruit Tart: Mini fruit tarts with buttery pastry, creamy vanilla filling, and different types of fresh berries is every child's delight. This recipe is so easy and perfect for your little ones.

5. Apple-Chicken Sausage: Savoury apple-chicken sausages are one of the most loved dishes on the Easter table. A pound of ground chicken is mixed with diced apples and topped with seasonings like salt and pepper.

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6. Hot Cross Buns: Who does not like traditionally baked hot cross buns? You can devour them with your favourite side dishes.

7. Orange Ricotta Pancakes: Ricotta cheese on orange pancakes is what Easter morning breakfasts are made of. This delicacy is made with fresh ricotta cheese, orange juice and finely grated lemon zest for flavour.

Watch Orange Ricotta Pancakes Recipe:

We hope these Easter brunch ideas help you set your food table on this festival. While it may be difficult to manage all of your favourite dishes this Easter as lockdown has ensured people don't leave their houses, we hope you celebrate it the most beautiful way with your family. Happy Easter everyone, stay safe and healthy!