Sushi, a polarizing delicacy, definitely an acquired taste, is a ubiquitous cuisine that graces the menu of almost every Asian, continental, fusion, restaurants in the world. In the last two decades, this traditional Japanese delicacy has gained quite a popular reputation among the culinary circles and is now being celebrated with a whole day dedicated in celebration of Sushi. International Sushi Day is celebrated on June 18 globally, to raise awareness about the truths and fiction surrounding this particular cuisine. Is Sushi Healthy? From California Roll to Sashimi, Here are The Healthier Sushi Options.

In this day and age Sushi can be found anywhere. From restaurants to grocery stores, no matter where you are you will certainly be shrouded in sushi and sushi- adjacent variants across the world. So what's so special about bits of fish wrapped in rice and seaweed,?Well, you've come to the right place to find out. Here are 11 facts of sushi that will may you say, 'Rice Job.'

    1. Sushi didn't precisely originate in Japan. While this is touted as a Japanese delicacy,  its roots trace back to Southeast Asia, where it was known as“narezushi” - fermented fish wrapped in sour rice. it said to have emerged somewhere near the  Mekong River before it reached China and made its way to Japan
    2. Sushi was originally meant to be consumed with hands sans chopsticks or forks.
    3. Sushi is drowning with health benefits. It is packed with Omega-3-fatty acids, iodine and a good dose of vitamin A. You are sure to have an excellent immune system and good skin.
    4. Sushi was used as currency to pay taxes in AD 8th century Japan.
    5. We know Americans are quite fond of Sushi, but did you know Los Angeles was the first place to introduce sushi to American food culture. The first sushi restaurant was opened in Littel Tokyo in LA in 1966.
    6. The first Sushi restaurant outside Little Tokyo was opened in 1970 in Hollywood, mainly to cater to Hollywood clientele.
    7. There are six types of sushi - Chirashizushi, Inarizushi, Maki sushi or sushi rolls, Nigiri sushi, Oshi sushi and Nare sushi.
    8. Originally a street food, the 1923 earthquake in Japan had a significant impact on future sales of Sushi. The earthquake led to a decline in land prices, which enabled the vendors to start selling them indoors and add them to the restaurant menu.
    9. Hanaya Yohei is hailed as the person who introduced sushi in Japan close to the mid-1800s.
    10. Wasabi was used in Sushi to kill the parasites in the raw fish.
    11. Originally rice was only used to ferment the fish and was discarded later. The rice was only meant to prevent the fish from decay and was not meant for consumption. Weight Loss, Beauty and Other Amazing Health Benefits of This Japanese Delicacy.

It is time to celebrate International Sushi Day. And make sure to impress everyone at the table with these mind-blowing Sushi facts while you eating the traditional Japanese dish.

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