Dozzy Ross Brings Savorwynwood To The Attention Of Food Connoisseurs In Miami

Dozzy Ross, Restaurant Owner of Savorwynwood after being an afrobeat DJ for over 10 years in America built an upscale, Nigerian restaurant & lounge with great Afrobeat music & vibrant atmosphere.

Dozzy shares, ‘A casual food startup requires around five figures as the initial investment, whereas fine dining needs a huge amount for efficient functioning & operations. If you are putting up the restaurant business, you definitely want to see more customers crossing the threshold inwards in your restaurant. From renting your venue out for private events to offering a seasonal menu, there can be multiple strategies to run a successful restaurant.’ He shares some ninja techniques to drive traffic to your restaurant business.

Social Media Presence

Being not just present but also acing the game of social media has become an essential part for a restaurant’s existence in the market. Be it Facebook or Instagram, the restaurant business is compelled to attract people who can spend and visit often. From photoshoots to food competitions, you need to constantly evolve and fight for your target audience’s attention.


Any restaurant lasts longer based on its conceptualisation. This essentially means a concept that your restaurant business has made or built upon. Depending on the true nature of the concept, the restaurant lasts if it brings comfort and elegance to the customer’s eyes. For example, a restaurant’s concept is stronger when it is bound by more cultural and traditional methods of cooking based on the geographic and ethnic aspect.

Good Offline Marketing Strategies

Though online marketing is really the new-age marketing, it is necessary to have good old offline marketing strategies that can never go out of style. Activities like hosting events at regular intervals, or advertising in various media, and a strong PR of course is really an integral part of your visibility in the market.


Good food is the essence of any successful restaurant. It can make you a zero or hero. Giving your guests good food keeps bringing them back, again and again. The signature dishes of certain ethnic and traditional backgrounds also tend to steal the limelight when one orders. This especially is loved by the patrons of the land and makes your restaurant a special experience in their heart.

He shares his intellect with the millennials, ‘Stay focused. The fewer people you have around you, the better it is most of the time. Be Family oriented. Family is what drives me, you and most of us - to stay inspired. Weʼre raising kings. The goal is generational wealth.’ Also, regarding the best part of his job, Dozzy remembers, ‘The best part about Savor is the wonderful guests we have. They enjoy the atmosphere from the time they set foot inside. From the live DJ to the food, our guests call Savor a ‘Hidden Gemʼ.

If you wish to connect with Dozzy Ross and understand his entrepreneurial journey better, check out Savorwynwood’s Instagram.