This year, 2020 will see Sawan or Shraavana month start on July 6 aka tomorrow Monday and end on August 3 which is Monday again. Mondays are extremely special during the Sawan month and it is during this time that devotees try to please Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. Many people fast during the Saawan month. While some go for falahar fast some go for nirjala vrat only eating once a day after the sunset. But how exactly should you follow the fast, what can you eat during Shravan and what to avoid during this auspicious month, allow us to tell you everything about it! However, you must remember that your health plays an important role when it comes to fasting during savan month. While your devotion is fine, please do not let this impact your health. If you are diabetic or pregnant, you must not compromise your health by starving. But if you are in good health, here's what you should or shouldn't eat while fasting for Sawan Somwar:

What To Eat During Sawan Somvar

You can eat fruits, but you might want yo opt for fruits that help ease your digestion power. Your digestive system goes for a toss when you deprive your body of food. You can eat Papaya, it contains an element called pepsin which helps in digesting food. Go for antioxidan-rich foods. You can have water mixed with lemon and other fruits like pomegranate and apple etc.

What Should You Not Eat During Sawan Somwar

Avoid eating vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, Raddish, bathua, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage. Rice and wheat flour should be avoided. Same with maida, oils, common salt, masala, etc. You can eat wheat flour and rice once after sunset as a part of your once a day meal. Sendha namak should be used instead of common salt.

Avoid Dairy

Consumption of milk and other dairy products may impact your digestive system and cause issues like gas and acidity.

Eat Less

Eating less, doesn't mean that you compromise on nutrients in the month of Sawan. Just avoid heavy meals. Even on a scientific basis, 12 hours of fasting is known to start the autophagy process in the body which is a great way to cleanse the body.

It is said that fasting with consuming nothing but sattvic food is said to be amazing for health. Onion-garlic and non-vegetarian food are supposed to be avoided in the month of Saavan. This can in a way help detox your body.

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