If you are a dosa lover, then you for sure will never get tired of trying new varieties of dosas or the very delectable chutneys that accompany them. People who specifically like to eat tasty items but are health conscious as well, ragi and adai dosas come to their rescue. Now, not everyone knows how to stir these healthy batters in one go, so for them, Shwetha Nayak Mhetar brought her just-like-home South Indian batters catering to all your healthy food habits.

Shwetha’s Batter Store is renowned across Mumbai to deliver the best quality Regular idli dosa batter, ragi idli dosa batter, Adai Dosa Batter, Multigrain Dosa Batter, Plain Coconut Chutney, Coconut Garlic Chutney, and much more as a solution to all your healthy and nutritious diet.

To ensure that the food going into your belly is safe and hygienic, Shwetha handpicks all the ingredients and enriches the food with spices that are nothing but the best for health. Adding to that, all the batters are 100% vegan, free from any kind of preservatives or gluten, keeping in mind the highest standards of sanitation. With the increasing number of consumers going vegan, they have made something for everyone.

Sharing the insights of her journey, Shwetha shares, “Being a startup owner is not all golden as it sounds. It requires relentless efforts and a strong determination to keep going. We did encounter hurdles along the way but our team never gave up and became what we are proud of today.” “We understand that in this fast-paced world, not everyone has time to cook from scratch, and eating out daily is obviously not healthy. Therefore, I meticulously make all these batters to give you a home-cooked feel for a meal when it is served hot on your table”, she further added.

The brand recently turned 1 with their successful journey growing leaps and bounds. Boosting during the pandemic, the endeavor started at home, when Shwetha and her family relished the good-old taste of authentic South Indian food.

With her husband as her rock support and biggest food critic, she fortified her cooking techniques and made Shwetha’s batter store touch the horizons. From a home kitchen, the brand now has a factory unit and plans to increase its sales beyond oceans and expects a minimum of 400% growth in their marketing as compared to 20-21. They are now also available with a click of a button and not only on their website but also on Amazon, Swiggy, Fraazo and Nature’s basket.