As pet-parents come to understand the needs of their pets and the pitfalls of the traditional pet food industry, we've seen a shift away from mass-produced pet food that can be full of fillers and additives or become contaminated due to the production process. Many wonder if off-the-shelf options offer a more balanced and nutritious diet or if it comes with too many risks, leaving room for brands that prioritize the health of animals and not just their bottom line.

While some pet food companies are scrambling to improve existing products or introduce new ones to compete with the rising stars, the shift to more nutritious pet food shouldn't be surprising. It mirrors a trend seen in grocery stores. Shoppers want natural options without dyes or preservatives and now opt for organic options when possible. This concern now extends our pets, with a 2020 report from food company Kerry revealing that 72% of dog owners and 67% of cat owners in America believe food plays a role in preventative health care.

Of course, humans and pets are different creatures, which means different nutritional needs. In fact, even our canine and feline friends can have drastically different nutritional needs because cats are obligate omnivores that require a diet richer in protein than most other animals, including dogs. For a pet food company to be successful, it must recognize this fact and cater to each pet species. Several companies have even opted to focus solely on dog or cat food. Such is the case for Kabo, a Canadian company that makes and delivers fresh dog food for "picky eaters" while supporting pet parents in continuing to educate and advocate for their four-legged companion.

Kabo works closely with veterinary and canine nutrition experts to create delicious and nutritious diets and treats for all types of dogs. Few people would turn their noses up at the freshest beef, lamb, sweet potatoes, apples, or green beans, let alone our four-legged friends. With ingredient lists that look more like family recipes than any processed foods, Kabo appeals to those consumers that will settle for nothing less than the best for their dogs.

Several pet food companies now offer freshly cooked wet meals that could easily be mistaken for human food, and Kabo is no exception. Some pet owners prefer and veterinarians recommend wet food because it can contribute to a pet's hydration needs. Not only do Kabo's Savoury Beef Recipe, Tender Chicken Recipe, Lucious Lamb Recipe, and Hearty Turkey Recipe contribute to hydration, but the recipes are made primarily from protein--not animal by-products--and fruits and vegetables. Each recipe is also a combination of ingredients picked for specific concerns. For example, Kabo's chicken recipe is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs, while the company chose anti-inflammatory ingredients for its hypo-allergenic lamb recipe. From the color to the flavor, this dog food is natural.

For dogs that prefer kibble, and many do, Kabo’s got you covere.. The brand’s Irresistible Chicken Kibble is suitable for most dogs, and other pet parents have options such as Turkey and Salmon, great for older dogs, and Duck kibble for those dogs with allergies to common proteins such as chicken or beef. The Kabo website has an automated quiz that gathers information about each dog's age, weight, activity level, and general health to make choosing the right diet easier. Owners can choose multiple recipes for each dog, and the food is portioned for each dog's caloric needs to combat obesity from overfeeding.

 Kabo conveniently delivers food directly to consumers as part of a subscription service. As a result, dog owners don't need to worry about running out of food or heading out to the pet store. Whether dog owners choose  fresh cooked food or kibble, Kabo makes all its products in Canada, not overseas. Leveraging a local supply-chain appeals to shoppers who want to decrease their carbon footprint.

From nutrition to environmental conscientiousness, it's clear that companies are paying attention to what pet owners want. Yet, Kabo doesn't just focus on what goes in your dog food bowl each day. The brand even offers seasonal treats, such as ice cream for dogs during July for National Ice Cream Day! Made from Greek yogurt, peanut butter, honey, and bananas that are both safe and healthy, the doggy ice cream is so popular that it sells out each year. With ambitious plans to give our furry friends the luxury of convenience that us humans have, Kabo is soon to release an all-natural snackbar for dogs, cleverly known as Monch Bars!

However, there is no reason for pet parents who love their dogs to wait to join the Kabo community to try other products available year-round to subscribers. For individuals that care about preventative health through proper nutrition, Kabo is the gold standard in Canada. Many dog owners have already seen the difference that high-quality pet food makes to their pet's health and happiness, and it's likely that even more are willing to switch to a dog food brand such as Kabo that is willing to put your dog first. After all, dogs are a man's best friend, which means they deserve the best.