17-Year-Old from Tennessee Had Her Gallbladder Removed After Eating 4 Bags of Spicy Hot Cheetos Every Week
Teen had her gallbladder removed after eating bags of Cheetos. (Photo Credits: Liza Lucas/Twitter)

We all know that what happens when we eat too much junk and processed foods. Although consuming in limited quantity, junk food items like chips is no big deal but going overboard will certainly harm your system. And one such case happened when a teenage girl in Tennessee had her gallbladder removed as her love for Hot Cheetos went too far. Rene Craighead of Memphis was reportedly eating four large bags of hot snacks a week when she began having stomach pain.

According to her mother, her addiction had something to do with her health problems. She was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove her gallbladder. Her mother also claims the doctor told her the flaming crisps were the root cause of her daughter's problem. She told WREG-TV, "When my daughter had to have this surgery I knew I had to tell everybody about it. I was very surprised that my daughter was sick like that."

Rene reportedly would ask her mother to bring the snacks home with her and would take bags to school. Paediatric gastroenterologist Dr Cary Canvender told WREg tha several patients have reported issues due to spicy flavoured chips. "We probably see around 100 kids a month easily," he said.

According to the NHS, the gallbladder is a small organ in the upper right part of your tummy that stores bile and helps break down fatty foods. Surgery is usually needed if the patient develops painful gallstones. An operation to remove a gallbladder is said to be routine and relatively straightforward, and you also don't need your gallbladder to survive.