6 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight on the Keto Diet
Love Handles (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

So you lost an impressive five kilos or more going keto. After that initial transition from burning sugar to fat, you feel more energetic, more mentally focused and no longer get side-tracked by hunger and cravings that formerly stalled fat loss. And then suddenly, without warning, you hit a plateau. The scales just don't budge. What could be going wrong? Could your metabolism be betraying you or could it be something else? We break it down for you in details.

1. You Are Downing Too Many Calories

With high-calorie foods like cheese and nuts, it is easy to go overboard with calories. Sure your body will be in ketosis but high-calorie foods can sabotage your weight loss efforts, causing you to consume more than 3,000 calories a day. A food journal can help you pinpoint high-calorie foods that might cripple your weight loss.

2. You Have a Suppressed Metabolism

Cutting down on carbs can hurt your metabolism causing it to slow down to the point that it's hard to get it back on track again. This could be the reason why your body is holding on to those extra kilos. Here are 7 dangers of keto diet no one told you about. 

3. You Are Eating Too Often

Constantly nibbling on keto foods can stall fat loss.  Give your gut a break by not eating for a few hours.  By not eating, you are reducing the inflammation in your body which helps with blood sugar balance and weight loss. Try these 8 best low carb, high fat healthy ketogenic snacks on the go!

4. You Are Not Getting Enough Fibre

Dietary fibre not only keeps you full for longer but also supports your gut flora, assisting weight loss. Getting insufficient dietary fibre can increase inflammation, insulin resistance and fat deposition around the middle. Leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, avocados and berries make great fibre-rich, keto-friendly foods.

5. You Are Going Low on Protein

If you are not getting enough protein, you are not building muscles and not dropping numbers on the scale. Cutting out this key nutrient can cause the body to start breaking down tissues for protein. If you haven't seen any movement on the scale, it is time to add more protein to your plate. Here's how to choose the best low-carb yoghurt to stay in ketosis. 

6. You Are Drinking Too Much Coffee

You may love your cuppa of Joe but even drinking black, organic coffee can increase insulin resistance, making weight loss difficult. The bulletproof coffee isn’t going to help either. So cut back on the number of cups.

Getting subpar sleep, not moving enough, and environmental toxins are among the factors that can stall weight loss even when you are religiously following your keto diet. What you eat matters, but how you live also dramatically affects weight loss.