Cinnamon for Weight Loss: This Week’s Home Remedy Will Show You Ways to Use the Spice to Burn Fat
Cinnamon for weight loss (File Photo)

A healthy weight loss has become a dream with all these fad diets and weight loss pills/drinks feeding you with the myth of "quick weight loss." A gradual and feel-good fat loss is a healthy weight loss. The foods that you eat and the exercises you perform should attack that excessive fat residing on your body and not your muscle weight or your sanity for the least. It is the holistic approach towards weight loss that can help you healthily burn fat. A perfect balance of healthy foods, cardio, strength training and yoga is the best way to lose weight. With fad diet such as the Ketogenic diet that asks you to completely banish a food group will never help you achieve the weight loss goal. Weight Loss Home Remedies: Include These Spices In Your Diet To Melt Away Those Extra Kilos.

Moreover, any kind of diet or exercise regime without expert supervision can do more bad than good. When it comes to diet, including a few healthy ingredients in the diet is a great way to go. Cinnamon is probably the best spice to help lose weight. It doesn't only control blood sugar levels but also improves metabolism and blood circulation which means it is ideal for people who have Type 2 diabetes and heart problems seeking to lose weight.

Here are ways you can include Cinnamon into your diet:

Cinnamon teas: One of the best ways to include cinnamon into your diet is via tea. Sip on some green tea with cinnamon to help burn fat. Make sure you don't want any sugar to your tea.

Soups: Soups are another way to include cinnamon into your diet. You can use homemade cinnamon powder or whole cinnamon into your soup. Also, do not add cornstarch or msg into it.

Cinnamon coffee: You can easily get cinnamon flavoured coffee or simply add a stick while you are making coffee at home. Make sure that your coffee is black and without sugar.

Haldi Doodh: India has been soaking in the goodness of Haldi doodh or turmeric milk (Turmeric Latte) since ages. Just add a small piece of cinnamon stick to it and drink it before you go to bed. You will also sleep better.

Baked cinnamon rolls in multigrain flour: When on the cheat, you may treat yourself with healthy cinnamon rolls. Baked cinnamon rolls in multigrain flour can be a great way to include cinnamon into your diet.

Cinnamon doesn't only add great taste to your food but also is an absolutely healthy ingredient. Pregnant women should consider asking their doctors before consuming cinnamon.