The novel coronavirus is making rounds around the world, and the number of deaths due to the deadly disease continues to rise. Italy and South Korea are the worst-hit countries after China. Meanwhile, India continues to fight the battle with five fresh cases. As worries grow and as we begin to prepare for the worst, stores are now running out of hand sanitisers. But can using hand sanitiser be enough to protect you from the infection? What guidelines should you follow while using the hand sanitiser? We give you a low-down.

1. Don't Swear by Hand Sanitisers If You Work in a Closed Environment

If you work in a closed environment or a hospital or a place where you meet a lot of people every day, you must wash your hands in addition to using the hand sanitiser. Simply using the hand sanitiser won't keep you from contracting the infection. Coronavirus in Children: How Can You Tell If Your Child Has COVID-19? Everything Parents Need to Know About the Deadly Virus.

2. Always Keep Sanitisers Handy in Public Places

It is also good to have a sanitiser handy when you encounter germy objects like a car or a local transport, and you do not find a sink in sight to wash your hands. Situations, like touching a public doorknob or exchanging money, require you to rub your hands with a hand sanitiser.

3. Buy Sanitisers With 60-80 Percent Alcohol

When you buy a hand sanitiser, make sure that you pick one with 60 percent alcohol. Anything less than that may not be able to kill the germs as effectively. Sanitisers work by the cell-membrane disruption with the alcohol and the bacteria can never be resistant to the use of sanitisers. Coronavirus Outbreak: Drinking Alcohol Will Not Protect You from COVID-19, Says World Health Organisation.

4. Rub Your Hands Vigorously For 20 to 30 Seconds

Before you apply a hand sanitiser, make sure that your hands are free of visible grime and dirt. If they are dirty, make sure that you wash your hands first. Then apply a palm-full of the product and rub your hands vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure that you distribute the sanitiser under your nails, jewellery, wrist and between your fingers.

5. Never Wipe Your Hands After Using A Hand Sanitiser

The sanitiser might feel sticky, and you may be tempted to wipe your hands immediately after application. Never wipe your hands with a handkerchief, tissue or towel after using a hand sanitiser as it can counteract the effect of the product. Is Coronavirus an Epidemic or a Pandemic? Know The Meaning and Difference Between These Terms.

Washing your hands is the best way to prevent yourself from falling sick as well as prevent the spread of the disease. Also, avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth.

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