Most dates start with eating at a fancy restaurant and finally end with getting cosy and having sex. So most of the time, it gets really difficult to avoid foods that make you feel bloated and unsexy. Luckily, you can eat your meal and enjoy sex too. Just lay off the foods that can trigger digestive issues. Here is a list of items that can make you bloat and feel unsexy on your future dates.


Beans are a complete no before sex. They make you super bloated and you surely do not want to end up with gas during your romp session. According to a study published in the Journal Nutrition, beans contain sugar that is not digestible, and you are sure to puff off once they hit your stomach.


Broccoli is another vegetable that is sure to bloat you up. It contains sugar similar to that in beans which makes you super gassy. Your body needs to use methane-releasing bacteria to digest them and you do not want to be releasing it right before or during sex.

Red Meat

Strictly avoid meat for your dinner date. A fatty piece of meat can make your body go into overdrive and slow down your digestion. This can make you feel extremely sleepy and definitely not ready for action. Olive Oil Better Than Viagra For Sex! Study Says It Can Improve Sex Drive and Reduce Risk of Impotence.


Dairy products like cheese can take a lot of time breaking down in your body. They contain the enzyme lactase which can potentially slow down your digestion. So you might just want to skip having the pizza for your dinner date if you want to avoid gas and bloating later. Sexual Desire in Women: All You Need to Know About Sex Drive.


While chewing gum can give you kissable fresh breath, all the air that you swallow while chewing can make you gassy. Gas can kill the mood to have sex, no matter how minty your mouth is. Yoga for Sex: Learn How to Improve Your Libido With Asanas This International Day of Yoga 2019.


Sipping on your favourite cocktail to loosen up is one thing but knocking down shots will certainly not get you in the mood to get in action later. Alcohol can make you very sleepy and if your choice is beer, you have another factor working against you. The carbonation can lead to the formation of a lot of gas.

Also, steer clear of coffee if you are getting laid. The caffeine can amplify nervousness that triggers stomach issues like diarrhoea – the last thing you need when getting close to your partner.

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