Fourteen Cattle Worms Found in a Woman's Eye: Here Are Some Horrific Pics of Parasites Found Inside Human Body
Fourteen worms found in woman's eye. (Photo Credits: Orbiting Sphere & Non Breaking News/Facebook)

We often tend to stay ignorant to itchiness, soreness or any other scratches. As children we’ve often played in dirt and have fallen multiple times. And those often get cured in a day or two. Little did we know that some scratches or itchiness can become the worst nightmares one could ever think of. Scientists recently reported a case from 2016 of an Oregon woman, Abby Beckley, who had worms coming out of her eye. It is the first known case of a parasitic infection spread by flies. Fourteen tiny worms were removed from the woman’s eye. She was diagnosed with Thelazia gulosa. It is a type of an eye worm seen in cattle in the northern United States and southern Canada, but never in humans.

This brings us to notice various other cases of parasites that have been removed from human bodies. Below are some real horrifying cases of unwelcome parasites found residing inside a human body.

The following content contains graphic images. Viewers discretion is advised.

57 maggots found inside a woman’s ear

Maggots removed from a woman's ear. (Photo Credits: It's Oc'Bright/Facebook)

A 92-year-old Illinois woman was found with not one but 57 maggots inside her left ear. According to the medical reports a fly crawled into her ear and laid eggs which hatched into something straight out of a nightmare. Apparently, the maggots were inside her ear for two to three days before the doctors would find out.

Fish in lungs

Indian boy swallowed a fish. (Photo Credits: Chandrakanthan Rajendram/Facebook)

An Indian boy was playing ‘swallow the fish’ game with his friends in one of the rivers and ended up swallowing a 9cm long fish. After he complained about breathing problems, he was immediately taken to the hospital. The fish was removed through an operation.

Bugs in scalp

Doctor removing a bug from a man's scalp. (Photo Credits: Chandrakanthan Rajendram‎/Facebook)

In 2007, a man from Colorado had a terrible itch in his scalp. He tried all kinds of shampoos and ointments but itching got worse until it turned into unbearable pain. When the doctors finally examined his scalp, they found maggots, each about the size of a penny.

Eel in bladder

Eel found in Chinese man's bladder. (Photo Credits: Amazing Things/Facebook)

In 2011, a Chinese man was taking bath with little eels. The eel that were supposed to nibble the dead skin off his body, ended up entering his bladder. The eel that entered the bladder was measured to be six inches long.

Body infected with tapeworms

Chinese man's body infected with tapeworm. (Photo Credits: Egyptian Cardiologists Group/Facebook)

If you are a sushi fan, you might want to reconsider eating the exotic delicacy. A man from China loved sushi so much that the delicacy almost took his life because his entire body was infected with tapeworm. He went to see a doctor because of massive stomach ache and itchy skin. The doctor believes that the raw fish used in sushi was contaminated with tapeworm.

Parasites found in human bodies surely fascinates many people and can be suitable for movie ideas. But these are the freakiest and the most unbelievable things ever found living inside the human body. Just hearing or reading these stories will give you the creeps. People who have gone through may have experienced their worst nightmare turn into reality.