After a challenging year like 2020, many businesses are re-evaluating values and core beliefs. As the workforce struggled quite literally in terms of success and activity as a result of covid shutdowns, the world witnessed how the pandemic was tragically detrimental to health, both physically and mentally. But as we look ahead at the future, with the worst of covid hopefully behind us, a well-known health expert has been making waves in the corporate world with an infrastructure that supports and facilitates a healthy work environment. Introducing Marco Laterza. 

After landing the cover of various fitness magazines more than 20 times, Laterza’s dedication to health and fitness had become an obvious passion. And though the start of his professional career actually began in the corporate world as a banker in wealth management, Laterza saw an opportunity to merge the two opposing industries to work together, in harmony to create a corporate health business. Today he functions as a corporate health expert and advisor, servicing major corporations and businesses by offering support, personalized plans, corporate speaking services and more, in order to enable healthy habits and lifestyles in the corporate workplace. 

While the pandemic undoubtedly had a negative effect on corporate employees as it inhibited physical exercise and also challenged people mentally due to solitary periods, Laterza now hopes to reverse these challenges with practices that will contribute to a happier, healthier corporate lifestyle. With plans that include one-on-one training, health regimens, virtual sessions and mental health support, Laterza’s services are bound to become a common practice across many corporate sectors as the professional world continues to embrace the importance of health, whether mental or physical.