For those who suffer from headaches and migraines, finding a fast and effective treatment option is typically at the top of their to-do list. Many products on the market claim to treat these often debilitating conditions quickly, but what consumers don’t recognize is how many of them contain ingredients and chemicals that are questionable at best. 

Green scene innovation is now upon us and Med-X is an innovative company that is disrupting the big chemical and big pharma footprints with multiple all-natural product solutions that are giving consumers better choices for the everyday day issues we all face. 

Known for their Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals, an all-natural heating and cooling pack for the therapeutic treatment of children’s aches and pains, is now making waves with another alternative solution for migraines and headaches in adults. 

The Thermal-Aid Headache Relief System combines the proven powers of their proprietary heating/cooling pack along with a revolutionary pain relief cream made from all-natural ingredients. The Thermal-Aid Headache System’s lead developer, Dr. Morton Hyson, who is a practicing neurologist, aims to reduce inflammation and improve pain symptoms so consumers can rely on all-natural alternatives instead of pain medications and prescriptions. 

The difference in Thermal-Aid’s Headache Relief System, compared to similar items on the market, is the company’s ground-breaking pain management cream coupled with patented corn product inside the pack, which in clinical trials has shown to stay hot or cold for an extended period of time. Due to its specially-engineered nature, the corn is also able to be used repeatedly without growing fungus or mold, a major evolution compared to heating packs of the past that are filled with rice, buckwheat, or other natural unprocessed grains. Consumer patients are now discovering that the Thermal-Aid line up is FSA approved, and in some cases doctors are sending patients home with the products to self treat for multiple pain and inflammation issues, and are billing consumer healthcare insurance for the cost of the products.

The headache and migraine relief cream is another innovative product that is uniquely derived from natural materials, including essential oils from plants. Used along with the cooling pack, consumers have reported fast relief from all types of headaches and pains, offering a valuable option for those looking to reduce their usage of pain medications. The unique cream product is incorporated into multiple products that are still in development for a myriad pain management solutions. 

“Med-X management, staff members strive to make a difference everyday. That’s our mission. Innovating items you use everyday in order to make them green and safe,” said the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Mills. “At the end of the day, sometimes nature just needs a little science to find the potential locked within.”

With the volume of products they sell on a daily basis, it seems that the company’s mission is something people can really get behind. And at the price point of $19.95 for over 100 applications, it’s apparent that Med-X also aims to make their Headache Relief System affordable and accessible for all walks of consumers.