Intermittent fasting is a new way of losing weight wherein you lose weight by fasting periodically or rather say eating periodically. The idea behind it is to deprive the body of carbs so that it reaches ketosis, a stage wherein our metabolism starts using the stored fats as fuel instead of carbs that we get from eating time-to-time. While intermittent fasting is great for weight loss, various studies have shown that it has powerful effects on your body and mind. It has even been believed that it may help you live longer.

Having said that, you must note that starvation for a long period of time may be harmful to your body, and affects differently from person to person. You might want to consult a verified professional before taking any such step.

Here are a few popular methods of intermittent fasting that have helped weight loss:

According to all intermittent fasting diets, you divide a time period, probably a day or week into 'eating time' or 'fasting time' When you are fasting you either eat very less or don't eat at all. Since time frame plays a major role in this diet, there are different ways the time is usually divided

These are the most popular methods to start intermittent fasting:

The 16/8 Method: It isn't as mathematical as it sounds. This method is probably the easiest. It basically involves not eating the breakfast and after that, you can eat for 8 hours in restriction and then fast again for 16 hours.

The 5:2 Diet: This was one of the most popular ways to fast intermittently. One has to fast two non-consecutive days in a week, you can either fast completely or eat only 500-600 calories and eat normally on the other days.

Alternate-Day Fasting: It is probably the most difficult way and people with health conditions like diabetes, etc. shouldn't even think of following this diet. According to this diet, you have to fast every alternate day.  Some people limit their calorie intake to about 500 during the fasting days.

Eat-Stop-Eat fasting diet: According to this you have fast for 24 hours straight. For example, not eat after having lunch today to not having lunch till tomorrow.

The idea is to restrict the calorie intake. These are the most popular ways to fast intermittently that has actually helped people lose weight. However, it will only work if you refrain from over-eating during the 'eating period'.

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