Is Your Relationship In Trouble? 8 Subtle Signs That Your Partner Is Taking You For Granted
Couple (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A rock-solid relationship calls for mutual respect and appreciation. But if it is a one-sided thing where one person does all the work and the other sits back, it could mean major trouble ahead. That said, it can be difficult for you to find out if you are undervalued by your partner. Watch out for these subtle signs, if you feel that your partner is not reciprocating to your feelings and gestures. It could well just be that they are taking you for granted.

1. You Are On Their Schedule

Do you have to work your dates according to their schedule? You will meet up when they have time for you and never the other way around? It may not matter if you are already living in together but if you have to chase them on weekends for making time for you, it can be a clear sign that they take you for granted. How to Make a Relationship Work with Someone Who Has a Different Political View? 5 Tips for Couples

2. They Never Express Gratitude

They do not have to thank you every time you prepare them a meal, but if they never express their gratitude, they are simply not appreciating you for all you are worth. It’s a red flag if your partner never acknowledges any of your sacrifices for them or the relationship.

3. They Like To Get Things Their Way

How many times do they agree to do something against their wishes? If they are always reluctant to have things your way, you will never see a rom-com with them again. Yes, they can be in a bad mood sometimes, but they should never spoil the experience for you.

4. They Make Unreasonable Demands

If they are making unreasonable demands like forcing you to forego certain relationships or connections or spend excess time with them or prioritise their demands over yours, it is a huge sign of under-appreciation. Deep in their heart, they know that you will make those sacrifices for them, so they will never take you seriously. Signs That He Is In a Relationship with You Only For Sex

5. They Never Compliment You

Agree some people are not great at expressing their feelings or even complimenting, but if you have to scratch your head to remember when the last time they said something nice to you, dump them for someone better. Don’t you deserve two words of love and appreciation?

6. They Don’t Care To Learn About You

They are taking you for granted if they have no interest in trying the activities that you love. Take it seriously if they refuse every time you invite them to spend time with your friends and family. It just exhibits a selfish disinterest that won’t progress your relationship.

7. They Take Major Decisions without Consulting You

Yes, you shouldn’t feel bad if they are moving out of the office an hour ago. But if they take major decisions of their life like changing their job or moving to a new apartment without consulting you, you have every reason to worry. Cheated On Your Partner? Here's How to Save Your Relationship and Feel Less Awful

8. They Keep Others Ahead Of You

It is invariably going to frustrate you if they make time only for their friends and not you. If they are missing those date nights, it only goes up to show that they do not value the time they spend with you. Instead of making peace with it, move on!

If you find yourself expecting to be disappointed by your partner, it is a giveaway that you are being taken you for granted. After all, your own imagination should be able to envision a brighter scenario than disappointment. If it can’t, it’s likely due to your partner’s repeated failure to live up to their word.