How to Make a Relationship Work with Someone Who Has a Different Political View? 5 Tips for Couples
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You may think you would never get along with a Modi supporter but the guy you are seeing is seriously considering wearing the BJP flag on his sleeves. Sure you could divert the topic to Malaika Arora’s hot pics every time your guy mentions hot-button issues, but it is next to impossible to avoid talking politics altogether. But it is possible to be in a happy relationship even if you have completely different political views. Just take note of these guidelines.

1 Don’t Make Early Judgements

Democrat, liberal or conservative, we often tend to forget that these are just labels. Too often, we make the mistake of judging a person without really getting to know them first. Let their political views not decide their personalities. Also, do not expect that you will change their views on politics. Relationships need mutual respect to thrive regardless of political views.

2 Asses How You Feel

While you do not need to agree with your date, you should always make it a point to understand their perspective. If you can understand why they believe what they do, it can be a promising sign that you can make your relationship work. However, if you don’t accept their views or ideologies, it could be a warning sign that your political views will cause a dispute between the two of you in the future. Including Your Better Half in Social Media Posts Linked to Healthy Relationship: Study.

3 Focus On What You Have In Common

Let your conversation just be a healthy exchange of ideas and don’t allow yourself to get upset or angry. In fact, a healthy political conversation can be a great way of getting to know each other better. Just don’t get into the conversation with a perspective they will not agree with you. Remember that their thoughts and ideas are just as valid as yours and you may just find some common grounds.

4 Be a Good Listener

Instead of rolling your eyes, listen to them when they are discussing their political views. Give your partner’s thoughts and beliefs the same credence that they would give yours. The fact that you are listening will make them more acceptable of your thoughts and beliefs. Neglecting Your Partner Can Help Your Relationship: Study

5 Discuss Your Views Early In The Relationship

If you realise you have different political views, it makes sense to spell out as early as possible to ensure that you do not have any disputes later. You would want to rule out any deal-breakers at the earliest. Get answers to your questions that might create a wall between you in the future. For example, if they oppose gay marriage, and their friend is gay and wants to get married, ask them if they would attend the wedding? These simple answers will help you get more clarity about the future.

Essentially, if your partner’s political party rubs you the wrong way, learn to accept it or cut them loose now. Learning to live with it, but still holding it against them is not healthy for your relationship.