Cheated On Your Partner? Here's How to Save Your Relationship and Feel Less Awful

You know it is the worst feeling in the world if you have ever been cheated on. While moving on isn’t too easy, cheating is always not a death sentence to your relationship. Of course, there is no predicting how your partner will respond once you announce your betrayal, they will still appreciate your will to get your relationship back to solid ground. Here’s exactly what you should do if you are the one who slipped up.

Decide Whether You Want To Tell Your Partner That You Cheated

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to accept your infidelity. If you are sure that it was an isolated incident that your partner would never scrape out and find it too difficult to handle, you might as well keep it a secret from them. However, even if you don’t say a word to them, you might just want to seek therapy for yourself to work through why you cheated and prevent it from happening again.

Do Not Share Every Detail

If your guilty conscience forced you to blurt it out to your partner, you can naturally expect some extreme anger and disappointment. Accept their distress but be mindful about how much information you want to share about your affair. Logistical details about who and when it happened is okay but getting into the risqué details can only make matters worse. If they ask more questions and press for more details, simply tell them that you will share if it is helpful for your relationship to move forward. Adultery is not a crime anymore! expert explains attractions outside marriage, cheating and extramarital relationships.

Choose Your Words Well

Telling your significant other that you betrayed can be very difficult but there is a right way to do it. Instead of a random meeting, pick a private space to talk. Start by telling them that you are incredibly sorry and ashamed about what you have done. Take ownership of your mistake and emphasise on what you plan to build trust in your relationship. Once you have done that, delve into why you think it happened. Just make sure that you don’t justify your cheating.

Analyse What Made You Cheat

Dig deep about what made you cheat. If you are simply incompatible with your partner, the act of cheating can be a sign to end the relationship. But if you feel that you could be faithful to your partner if there were a few changes in your relationship, then you should start working on it. Relationship advice for couples: teasing your partner playfully can make lasting strong bond.

Let Them Go If They Want To

It is again only fair and natural that your partner may not want to carry forward the relationship learning the truth. Accept it and let them go as it could be a sign that the relationship wasn’t meant to be.

Rebuild the Trust

What matters most in a relationship as trust and if your partner has forgiven you, build on it. Be open in your communication with your partner about what you are doing when you are apart. Giving them access to your private world by sharing passwords of your social media handles can be a way of assuring them you are faithful.

All in all, if you're open to making changes that will help your other half trust you and they have time and space to heal, getting back after cheating can be possible.