Laughter Is the Best Medicine: How a Hearty Laugh Can Help You Live Longer
Laughing (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

There is a reason why they say laughter is the best medicine. Cracking up a couple of times throughout the day can be insanely good for your health. With so many different stand-up comedians and a variety of memes, it has now become easier to get more laugher in our day-to-day lives and improve our health in the process. So if you have been reading only serious stuff or hanging out with no-joke people, here's why you should seek more laughter in your life. Do not forget, happy people, live longer.

1. Laughter Reduces Physical Pain

Laughing can not only help divert your mind but also have a morphine-like effect that can help relieve any physical pain. A recent study showed that 15 minutes of laughter can potentially increase pain tolerance by 10 percent. It gives you a natural high and makes you feel oh-so-good!

2. Laughter Releases Endorphins

Laughter can give you the same feeling that you get after a really good workout. It releases the feel-good chemicals endorphins that make you feel really happy without working hard on it. Joker’s Laugh: What is Pathological Laughter and Crying As Shown in the Joaquin Phoenix Starrer?

3. Laughter Boosts Immune System

When you are feeling a little blue, watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for some hearty laugh. Laughing a lot can improve your resistance to illness. So laughing not only decreases your stress hormones and increases immune cells and antibodies.

4. Laughing is Good for Your Lungs

You will be surprised to know this but laughter has the same effect as deep breathing. It empties your lungs of more air than you are inhaling, and thus have a cleaning effect on your lungs. So let laughter be your medicine if you are suffering from respiratory disease like asthma. Funny Joker Memes Are Taking Over The Internet and They Are Just What We F*****G Deserve!

5. Laughter Protects Your Heart

What regular exercise is to your body, laughter is to your heart. It can help lower your blood pressure and benefit the way blood flows in your body. Many studies have shown that 15 minutes of laughter every day is as important for your body as exercise. Studies show that when you laugh, your heart beats faster and the inner lining of your blood vessels dilate, which in turn sends more oxygen to your body. From Stroke to Depression, 6 Things Your Smile Says About Your Health

6. Laughter Relaxes Your Body

When your body is craving for that much-needed TLC, just watch a comedy series on Netflix and laugh your heart out. On a particularly stressful day, a good laugh can relieve stress and tension from your body. In fact, your muscles are relaxed up to 45 minutes after a good laugh.

And finally, a shared sense of humour can be a powerful predictor of a successful relationship. So the more you laugh, the more you love.