Lesbian Couple ‘Give Birth’ To The Same Baby! US Women Take Turns To Carry The Child In Their Wombs
Lesbian Couple ‘Give Birth’ To The Same Baby! (Photo Credits: Facebook/Ashleigh Coulter)

After section 377 being decriminalised in India another good news that comes all the way from North Texas. Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter from Mountain Springs made a medical history by becoming the first couple to deliver a baby that was carried by both the women. Proud mothers of a healthy 5-month-old baby boy, Stetson, the two were able to it with the help of a novel procedure called Effortless Reciprocal In Vitro Fertilization or Effortless Reciprocal IVF. Bliss was able to incubate her own embryo after which the embryo was placed inside Ashleigh, where the baby grew until she delivered. Stetson was born in June and weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, as per reports by NY Post.

The couple wanted to be involved in the pregnancy and therefore opted for this treatment that could help both the mommies because using a sperm donor would have only had one of them carry the child. This would have also led the “the other partner has to adopt a child,” as per reports by NY Post. The reports further suggest that a friend then recommended Dr Kathy Doody, a fertility specialist from the C.A.R.E Fertility Clinic in Texas to the couple. And Doody helped both the mothers get involved in the pregnancy. Scientists Make Same-Sex Mice Have 29 Babies Using Stem Cells and Gene Editing, View Pics!

Take a look at a happy post made by Ashleigh Coulter on FB.

She also expressed her gratitude towards CARE Fertility and Dr Doody. Durex Condoms Support Same-Sex Relationship Using Popular Bollywood Movie Scenes in Their New Promotions (View Pics).

Isn't this news absolutely amazing and extremely empowering? We wish the couple and their baby all the best for the future.