National Tequila Day 2019: Weight loss, Colon Detoxification +5 Other Health Benefits of This Mexican Spirit
Health benefits of tequilla (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

National Tequila Day is celebrated every year in the US on July 24. The world celebrates the Mexican spirit on this day. The drink has made every party better (or worse) and memorable! But did you know Tequila also has health benefits? I know it sounds crazy but research has it that if taken in moderation, tequila can actually benefit your health. We are definitely not saying that it doesn't have its set of negative effects though but in comparison to other forms of alcohol, opting for 100 percent agave tequila can be more beneficial than you think.

The Health Benefits of Tequila

Helps digestion:  While having Tequila shots give you throat burns, it is actually known to aid the digestion. Tequila has also been linked to better metabolism, if taken before meals and digestion, if taken after food. Needless to say, it has to be taken in small quantities.

Probiotic properties: You’ve probably heard about probiotics by now, but if not, probiotics are the healthy bacteria that naturally populate our intestines. They are responsible for most of our immune functions and  Some of the fructans which tequila is derived from actually supply these good guys!

Prebiotic properties:  Tequila may help increase the number of good bacteria in your stomach! Prebiotics make it possible for the good bacteria to survive in the stomach. A study believes that it makes the intestines friendly for healthy bacteria to thrive.

May prevent Type 2 Diabetes: You won't believe this but type 2 diabetics can actually enjoy Tequila and because the non-digestible fructans, acts like fibre and also avoids the dangerous blood sugar spike. Moreover,  Tequila is also known to stimulate insulin production.

Keeps insomnia at bay: Tequila can calm your nerves and may help induce sleep! However, you shouldn't be taking it on a regular basis and it should be taken in smaller quantity.

Weight loss: So while we agree that alcohol instead makes you gain weight, but a controlled amount of tequila you can help you lose weight. The agavins, a particular kind of sugar in tequila, are not digestible, and hence, doesn't lead to weight gain.

Detoxifies colon: Made with blue agave plant, tequila contains fructans which aren't digestible and, in fact, can help your body fight colon disease. Fructans have been used by experts to make drugs for the colon to fight diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Tequila:

Having laid down the health benefits, you must remember that you can reap these benefits only if you consume Tequila in moderation and check for what the alcohol is made up of.