There is this incredibly sexist joke about the premenstrual syndrome that it drives people to do mean, crazy things. But if you ever had PMS yourself, you know the struggle every damn month. With those agonising headache and cramps and your body inflating with water retention, nothing can seem better than curling up in the foetal position and scrolling blindly through your phone. But if that does not help, try these hacks to get some relief.

1. Fight Cramps with Orgasms

It may seem unconventional but orgasms can not only relieve cramps but also temper your hormones. So get a vibrator and help yourself even if you do not want to get cosy with your partner during that time of the month. Irregular Periods or Missed Cycle? Here are the Most Common Causes of Missed Menses

2. Brew Some Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea not only tastes good but it can actually help with cramps. A study published by the European Medicines Agency found that red raspberry leaf tea helped to minimise spasms associated with painful periods. The tea offers a robust flavour similar to that of a tart black tea.

3. Eat As Much Dark Chocolate As You Want

There cannot be a better time to indulge in dark chocolates than when you are in your periods. Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious but the magnesium in it relieves cramps and releases endorphins that make it easier for you to sail through all the pain.

4. Rub Peppermint Oil on Your Stomach

If the cramps are getting worse, rub some peppermint oil on your stomach. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties, in peppermint oil, help relieve cramps. Delayed Periods? Reasons Other Than Pregnancy Why Your Menses Are Late.

5. Perform a Calming Yoga Sequence

Look for a soothing yoga sequence online that you can do every time your cramps are bad. The relaxing practice will stretch and ease the tension in all the right places. You can also use pillows in a few poses like the child's pose or bridge pose for more comfort.

6. Soak In a Bath Tub

If you feel like stabbing your uterus during that time of the month, dip into a bathtub with warm water and a lot of bath salts. If the water gets cold, refill with warm water again and soak it out. Best & Worst Foods to Eat During Periods: How to Avoid Mood Swings and Menstrual Cramps.

7. Find Your PMS Ritual

Do whatever that makes you feel a little better. If you like to sneak under the blanket and watch a movie, go for it. Or if you feel that ice-cream brings you some relief, indulge in it.

Lastly, arm yourself with a hot water bottle that can work like magic. Lay flat with the bottle on your stomach and you will soon be out of all the pain and discomfort.

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